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Front Loading Low Bed Semi Trailer & Lowboy Trailer Ship to Lagos Port
300 Units Fence Bulk Cargo Trailers Export To Nigeria

Welcome Ivory Coast Customer Come Visit Our Factory

The Ivory Coast customer doing logistics business to transport bulk loose cargo, as well as the construction machinery. The customer want to buy flatbed trailers , fence cargo trailers and low bed trailers to satisfy his growing business. After discussing the speicfications and prices, the customer very happy. Customer decide to come China to visit our factory check our products quality , we sent to customer invitation letter. With our company invitation letter, the customer got his Chinese Visa easily and fastly. As soon as the customer get his visa, the customer bought the tickets and fly to our city to visit our factory.
We show around our workshops to the customer, and bring customer to check our almost finished production fence cargo trailers to other customer, the customer agree with our quality. We sign the contract in our office, and received the deposit 2 days later after the customer let his manager to make the deposit.