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What's advantages of Oil Bath Type Air Filtration on the HOWO trucks?

HOWO trucks with enormous customers around all world. With such large customers market HOWO not only because of their competitive prices but also with their good strong quality and advanced customzied design according to different zone countries road condition and air condition. HOWO most popular well selling market is Africa, especially for North Africa and West-North Africa customers HOWO truck have their special idea to satisfy customer need.
In HOWO truck engine use, the air filter is very important to the engine. 90% of the external pollution to the engine comes from air pollution. Effectively filter the air entering the engine for howo truck to allow clean air to enter the engine cylinder to ensure that the engine is normal. It is a necessary condition for work. The air entering the cylinder without effective filtration will cause rapid wear of the engine cylinder, causing problems such as early engine wear, insufficient power, black smoke, and even cylinder pulling. The correct use and maintenance of air filters are directly related to the engine Therefore, the effective filtering effect of the air filter must always be maintained during use.
The oil bath type means that the sucked air containing dust particles is introduced into the oil pool to remove most of the dust, and then the air with oil mist is further filtered when it flows upward through a filter mesh made of metal wire. Return to the oil sump together with the blocked dust particles
When the oil-bath air filter is working, the incoming air will generally go through inertial filtration, oil-bath filtration, and filter filtration. The first is inertial filtration. Inertial filtration refers to a filtration method that separates impurities from the air flow under the action of centrifugal inertia due to the high density of dust particles and impurities when they rotate with the air at a high speed. The dust collecting hood in the air filter adopts inertial filtration; the second is oil bath filtration, which is an oil storage pan at the bottom of the air filter. The oil storage pan is filled with organic oil, and the airflow is used for rapid rotation. Impact the oil, separate dust and impurities and stick in the oil, and the aroused oil mist will flow through the filter screen or filter element and adhere to the filter screen and filter element. When the air flows through the filter element, it can further adsorb dust particles and impurities , So as to achieve the method of filtering the air; the last is the filter type filtration, which refers to the method of guiding the air flow filter screen or filter element, etc., blocking impurities and adhering to the filter screen, filter element