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4 Units Side Wall Trailer For Mauritania Customer

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Our this Mauritania customer find FUDENG in Google search, this customer want to buy good quality durable usage side wall trailer to his goods and cargo long distance road transport business. Our sales manager received this Mauritania customer inquiry for side wall trailer and give customer feedback at time. At first customer have some worries about his action because this is his first time to buy the side wall trailer online without visit because of the COVID-19. Our sales manager very professional have discussion with this customer online and also on phone call and whtsapp video call to show our office work environment and side wall trailer factory site as well.
40FT Side Wall Semi Trailer For Mauritania Customer
With more discussions with this customer, our sales manager learned that customer mostly use the side wall trailer for transporting beverage, bagged powder materials such as bulk cement and sometimes carry floor tiles. Customer told us that their country the roads not as good as China since he came visit China before, he knows a little about China condition, and send us some pictures of his transport route road conditions. With deep negotiations about this customer transport demand, we advise customer our heavy duty type 70 tons payload side wall trailer for customer and the width designed can carry standard biggest size floor tiles. Consider that customer sometimes also will using the side wall trailer to carry 40ft container and 20ft container, we add 12 units twist locks for customers side wall trailer.
After several days negotiations about specifications, customer decide to buy 4 units side wall trailer as the start. And he will order 20 units 70 tons side wall trailer after receive his these side wall trailer. We believe this is just the start between our cooperation, we will have more business work together in future. Thanks for customer trust!
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