2 Units Lowbed Trailers Deliver to Africa - China Fudeng
detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer
Detachable Gooseneck Lowbed Trailer Finish Production
lowbed trailer
5 Line 10 Axle 250T Lowbed Trailer Inspection

2 Units Lowbed Trailers Deliver to Africa Customer

Fudeng low bed trailers build with heavy duty type for Africa customers. Customers country road conditions are bad and sometimes also will do overweight loading for multiple usage. According to customer this demand we build the low bed trailers main beam with thicker steel palte and welding completely for up to 80 tons payload for 3 axles lowbed trailers.
Africa customr bought two units low bed trailers together. To save customers shipping freight cost on the lowbed trailers, we stack the two units lowbed trailers together to decrease the total volume of the low bed trailers. Customer like our advice very much and by this way we save customer lots of money on shipping!