How to choose a good used truck-371/375/420hp used dump/tractor truck for sale
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How to choose a good used truck

Used truck, the price is low, back to this fast, it is a lot of novice drivers into the transfer line or old driver’s first choice, but a used car is different from the new car, there could be a lot of hidden problems, once the “eye” in your car, may face trouble, today is to summarize some old drivers in summing up the experience of some when buying a used car, hope can help you “pit”.

Too much trouble buying used truck? Hold these secrets without being cheated

  1. look at the used truck first step to see whether the combination of multiple certificates, including the engine nameplate, gearbox nameplate, frame number, vehicle nameplate, certificate of quality, registration certificate, driving license, etc., check whether all kinds of data is consistent. In addition, it can check whether the three major parts of the vehicle are original.
  2. procedures should pay attention to, especially the registration certificate of these several items: motor vehicle all/identification name/number, see used truck belongs to the individual or company, also need to pay attention to the issuing time, which can also infer the real year of the vehicle.
  3. Three pieces of view is the key about used truck! Don’t bother to open the cab and climb under the car to see if there is oil leakage in the engine and gearbox, whether there is obvious deformation in the chassis girder, and whether there are different screws of the same type in the girder to judge whether there is maintenance, etc.
used truck
  1. rear axle and plate spring is the key to bearing capacity. Remember to check the number of plate springs and the wear degree of fixed position of plate spring to judge the daily loading condition of this used truck, and check whether the rear axle has welding marks or cracks; In addition, there are many cars will be changed to the rear axle, you can take a ruler to measure whether the rear axle wheelbase and the vehicle registration certificate, certificate of conformity, the modified vehicle may affect the performance of some parts of the used  truck.
  2. Check the used truck  nameplate to determine the production year of the vehicle. In addition to the clear manufacturing date on the nameplate, it can also be judged by the tenth code in the vehicle identification code, and check the frame number on the girder.
  3. 6Check the production date of the windshield through the data on the windshield. The “···16” at the bottom of the windshield is the production date code, and “16” represents the production year  
used truck
  1. whether can use to judge the front and rear bumpers for touch-up and repair, the cab door, front mask, body around whether had cut rub or collision, after spray paint may be reflective strength, smoothness and original paint is different, and you can see light, medial have burnish marks on both ends of the front and rear bumpers, etc.
  2. if there is a collision accidents, the cab was badly damaged and need to repair, cutting cutting welding mark will appear, in a car, can the detailed observation of cab inside and outside the existence of a weld mark, if there is a flexible packaging decoration, remember to open the soft package view, because of the late may exist untight seal welding, noise and other issues.
  3. Screws used by different ovaries are different. Some ovaries have corresponding identifiers.
  4. listen more ears, get on the used truck to listen to the door open and close whether there is abnormal sound, engine sound is normal, knock on the tire to see if it is consistent with the normal tire sound.