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HOWO Truck Shipping To Port


Sinotruk HOWO truck Euro2 336HP LHD 10-25CBM 30-40 tons HYVA front crane

Sinotruk Howo truck is the largest domestic output, but also the most well-known dump truck brand in foreign markets. Adopt the famous brand Volvo truck technology.

Howo-7 is a new generation of heavy duty vehicle series by Sinotruk Group after two years of research and development, which adopts 130 latest patented technologies and represents the highest level of the domestic heavy duty vehicle market.

howo truck
  • From the design concept to configuration, from the atmosphere to beautiful practical and reliable, from the economy to safety, comfort and convenience, China’s newly launched HOWO truck reflects China’s leading product development strategy. As crystal China heavy truck “technology leading strategy”, HOWO-7 not only become the peak of the domestic heavy truck, will also lead The Chinese heavy truck industry to rapidly reach the world’s advanced level.
  • As positioned in high-end heavy vehicles, safety performance can not be ignored. HOWO truck adopts ABS “front drum” configuration, the stability of the vehicle reaches the standard USB brake is one of the highest end of the heavy truck in the world, compared with drum brake with high speed, heavy load, high temperature braking efficiency is better. When the speed of the car. At the speed of 80km/h, I finally got the test track and stepped on the brake pedal without panic. Obviously, the body was not affected by strong inertia force, and there was no phenomenon of front brake head and brake deflection, but a slow and gentle attitude.
  • In addition, Haowo body strength is in the leading position in China, the body uses a lot of non-sharpening design and flame retardant materials. The cab can be shifted 20cm after a frontal impact, and passive safety is also well done.
  • HOWO truck is a series product of Sinotruk, which has a good market in many African countries, including Ghana, Zimbabwe and so on
  • We can customize different loading weights and volumes according to customer’s requirements. We have 10 – and 12-wheel dump trucks for sale.
howo truck
  • The current popular dump truck models are: Sinotruk HOWO 336HP 6X4 10-wheel dump truck, Sinotruk 371HP 10-wheel HOWO dump truck, Sinotruk HOWO 8X4 12-wheel 40-ton tail dump truck and so on.
  • Sinotruk HOWO 6×4 371 horsepower 30 tons of gravel 20 cubic meters of 10 wheel capacity.
  • We can design and produce various cargo hold structures according to your requirements, so that it has the characteristics of light weight, high rigidity and strong bearing capacity.
  • If you’re in the mining or construction industry, dump trucks are perfect for you. The volume of unloading box can be customized according to your specific transportation needs. Also, the color is optional.
  • Our hawo truck are sold to many countries in Africa, such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia, South Sudan and so on.