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3 Axle Low Flatbed Semi Trailer Not Running Smoothly

3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

The 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer has multiple functions. Most 3 axle bulk cement tank trailers are rigid structures made of high-quality steel to withstand the stresses and forces of the transpiration process. Some are particularly horizontal and have only one compartment, others can even have 4 compartments. Air compressors can also be used to facilitate the fluidization process for loading and unloading materials to be transported. Below are additional specifications for tank trailers:

3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

Diesel Engine and Compressor for 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

The diesel engine is the main drive unit for the 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer and provides all the power required for the 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer. For cement tank semi-trailers with a capacity of 45 cbm, they require a 36-50 kW diesel engine and an air compressor with a nominal delivery rate of 12 m3/min. The air compressor plays a major role in the fluidisation process. The engine is a 4-cylinder internal combustion diesel engine that powers the important components of the 3-axle cement tank trailer, such as the air compressor. The engine is built with a reliable brand to ensure reliability and efficiency when transporting powdered materials from one place to another.

Materials and Design of 3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

The 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. Therefore longevity is guaranteed. However, due to weight restrictions imposed by local laws and regulations, it may not be possible to transport the product transported by the aluminum alloy cement trailer. There is also an aluminum alloy cement trailer that is lightweight and a more economical option. Aluminum alloys are widely used to transport chemical powders and flours. If you are looking for a bulk vehicle for transporting cement and building powder, FUDENG 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer is your best choice.

3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer Capacity

The choice of a 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer also depends on the amount of product to be transported. For the transport of large quantities of cement in bulk, a tanker with a large capacity is needed and vice versa. In this case, we are talking about tankers with a capacity of 25 to 80 cubic metres. An important aspect is that if the capacity is more than 60 cbm, other building materials and structures are used to increase strength and stability during operation. For example, the horizontal type must have a W structure. Stronger materials are also required here.

safety components

To improve work efficiency and safety, the 3-axle bulk cement tanker trailer is equipped with the following safety features:
A pressure gauge that helps track the pressure inside the tank.
A safety valve or pressure valve that ensures that the tank pressure is within a safe range.
A blow-assist duct that contains air directly from the compressor. This will prevent any material from getting stuck in the outlet pipe.
Check valve to ensure no backflow of compressed air, thus avoiding accidents.

3 Axle Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

The 3 axle bulk cement tank trailer is a very useful tank trailer specially designed for powder products. It facilitates the efficient transportation of materials such as cement, flour, chemical powder and many similar products. This is the safest, quickest and most efficient way to ship powdered products with minimal or no residue.