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Why Choose HOWO Tanker Truck?
Why Choose HOWO Tanker Truck?
HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer
HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

Driving 6x4 HOWO Tractor Precautions

Avoiding vehicle collisions

Drivers travel thousands of miles a day, and it is inevitable that some cuts and collisions will occur on the road. If the accident damages the 6×4 HOWO tractor engine and other key parts involving oil and electrical lines, it is easy to start a fire. According to public data, the proportion of rear-end fires in vehicle accidents caused by various reasons is about 20%.

Therefore, the driver friends in the process of driving HOWO tractor must strictly abide by traffic regulations, and keep a certain distance from the car in front, to stop speeding, illegal driving, illegal overtaking and other behavior. In addition, once the danger occurs, must be the first time to check the key components on the vehicle easy to catch fire, the problems found in a timely manner.

Driving 6x4 HOWO Tractor Precautions

Prevent cab fire

Trailer drivers take the car as their home, 6×4 HOWO tractor cab will certainly be stocked with a lot of household items. For example, cooking alcohol fuel may be used, smoking lighter, air freshener, perfume, etc. These flammable and explosive items should be stored well in the summer driving. According to experimental evidence, under the summer sun, the temperature of the cab can reach as high as forty to fifty degrees, the danger factor can be imagined.

So for flammable and explosive items, drivers should be placed in a safe place in time after use to avoid exposure to the sun, while 6×4 HOWO tractor cab to do a good job of cleaning and finishing, do not stack too much newspaper, clothing and other flammable items, smokers are to do not throw cigarettes, to protect their own safety.

Driving 6x4 HOWO Tractor Precautions

Preventing cargo fires

From the truck fire accidents in previous years, we can see that the risk of spontaneous combustion of goods in vehicles transporting dangerous goods, express and other goods, especially in the hot summer, the drivers of such goods must pay more attention. And to be familiar with the dangerous properties of the goods transported, master the transport norms and the handling of special circumstances, to avoid the safety risks associated with mixed loading.

Driving 6x4 HOWO Tractor Precautions

When driving a truck is easy to sleepy, in the process of driving must try to stay alert, pay attention to pay attention again. At the same time to be equipped with the appropriate fire extinguishing equipment in the car, master the basic common sense of fire handling, to minimize the risk factor. In addition, you can plan ahead to insure your 6×4 HOWO tractor for spontaneous combustion insurance, if you encounter an accident can also be minimized operating losses.