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35 Cubic Semi Tipper Trailer will be sent to ZW

New Semi Tipper Trailer Inspection

  1. Check whether the oil in the hydraulic oil tank is sufficient, otherwise the oil must be filled up according to the specified oil level. At the same time, check the manual operation valve, whether there is leakage in the air circuit, and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic system.
  2. During the lifting process, pay attention to check whether the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, control valve and other components are working properly, such as whether the hydraulic lifting is stuck, bounced, abnormal noise, etc.
  3. After 8-10 no-load lifting tests, it works normally. It can be said that the dumping performance is good, and it will not leak oil and air.
  4. Under no-load conditions, carry out the lifting test according to the operation rules of the lifting mechanism of the dumping mechanism
  5. Semi Tipper Trailer can be divided into two categories according to their purposes: one is heavy-duty and super-heavy semi-dump semi-trailers used for off-road transportation. They are mainly responsible for large-scale mining and engineering transportation tasks and are usually used in conjunction with excavators.
  6. Another Semi Tipper Trailer for road transportation, medium and ordinary dump trucks are mainly responsible for transporting loose goods such as sand, gravel, coal, etc., and are usually used in conjunction with loaders.
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Maintenance Semi Tipper Trailer Hydraulic Lifting System

  1. The price of the new hydraulic 35 cubic Semi Tipper Trailer should increase slowly during the break-in period. In principle, the engine speed should be controlled at about 1000 rpm, and it should not exceed 1500 rpm after the running-in period.
  2. Check the oil return filter element and air filter element in the hydraulic oil tank of the 35 cubic Semi Tipper Trailer once every two weeks for debris blocking and cleaning, and replace the oil return filter element and air filter element of the hydraulic tank every six months.
  3. Since there are impurities such as iron filings in the hydraulic system during the running-in process of the 35 cubic Semi Tipper Trailer, when the side dump trailer is lifted about 300 times, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, and the hydraulic oil should be cleaned and unpacked in time.
  4. The upper and lower brackets of the oil cylinder need to be filled with grease (butter) in time. It is recommended to fill the cylinder with oil every 120 times or 15 days. After a long period of non-use, re-grease is required.
  5. The high pressure oil pipe must be replaced every two years. In routine maintenance, if the hose is found to be leaking, damaged or partially swollen, ruptured, etc., it should be replaced in time.
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In addition to the 35 cubic semi tipper trailer configuration mentioned above, there is also a general-purpose dump truck with a relatively compromised configuration, which can be used in almost every field, but it is not the most suitable.

The general-purpose engineering dump truck can meet the needs of non-urban earthmoving and general mining vehicles. When used as a road transport vehicle, the carrying capacity and self-weight are not dominant, but it can involve various working conditions and is suitable for applications that are not fixed. Card friends.

Generally speaking, before purchasing a 35 cubic semi dump trailer, be sure to clarify your own needs and vehicle environment. After all, the 35-cubic semi dump trailer is not like other models that have powerful counterparts. If you choose the wrong configuration, not only will it be difficult to use later, but various problems may occur.