How Long Is A Semi Trailer ?
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What Are The Common Semi Trailer Parts?

How Long Is A Semi Trailer?

Semi-trailer – a common special vehicle for cargo transportation. The semi-trailer cannot provide power by itself and can only be towed by an additional semi-truck. Semi-trailers are usually many times larger than ordinary cargo trucks and are more efficient for long-distance transportation. Therefore, it has been widely used.

How Long Is A Semi Trailer?

So for semi-trailers, some novice drivers or people who are curious about semi-trailers may have a lot of questions that they don’t understand. For example, how long is a semi trailer ? This is related to the regulations of each country and different application areas. After reading this article you will know how long is a tractor trailer.

Length20-53 ft
Width8.5 ft(Max)
Height13.5 ft(Max)

Different Types Of Semi Trailers

There are many types of semi-trailers, and they are used in a variety of different fields. Such as fuel tanker trailer for liquid transportation; lowbed trailer for heavy machinery transportation; livestock trailer for agriculture and animal husbandry; flatbed trailer and skeleton trailer for container transportation, etc. This article will take flatbed trailer and tanker trailer as examples, and tell you how long is a semi trailer.

How Long Is A Semi Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
How Long Is A Semi Trailer
Tanker Trailer

How Long Is A Flatbed Trailer

How Long Is A Semi Trailer
Flatbed Trailer Drawing

How long is a flatbed trailer? Flatbed trailer length can be customized, ranging from 20-53 feet in length, which is related to the size of the shipping container. Flatbed trailers are generally dedicated to transporting containers and are commonly found in ports and terminals. A lower-priced mechanical suspension is usually used, and a few Flatbed trailers use an air suspension.

Flatbed trailer sizes of different lengths:

Flatbed Trailer DimensionsLength(ft)Width(ft)Height(ft)Tare weight(T)Max payload
2 Axle20-367.5-
3 Axle37-434.17.150T
4 Axle40-535.47.564T

How Long Is A Tanker Trailer

How Long Is A Semi Trailer
How Long Is A Tanker Trailer

How long is a tanker trailer? Tanker trailers are generally 36 – 43ft long. There are other sizes, but should be within the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Tanker trailers of different lengths have different volumes. For example, a 36ft tanker trailer has a volume of 10500- 12500 gallons and we support customization within this range. Of course, the length of the tanker trailer is not limited to 43ft.

Reminder: If you have special needs, we can also make longer tanker trailers. But we don’t recommend it, as a longer semi-trailer means more difficult turns and a greater chance of an accident.

How many gallons does a tanker trailer hold?

Want to know how many gallons in a tanker trailer. You can refer to the table below to find the tanker trailer of the corresponding length.

Tanker Trailer LengthTare weight(T)Volume(Gallon)

Lowbed Trailer Dimensions

How Long Is A Semi Trailer
Lowbed Trailer Dimensions

Lowbed trailers are used to transport large and heavy equipment, and some customers are also used to transport containers. Length between 36-56ft (including ladder). The lowbed trailer has a strong carrying capacity and a low center of gravity, so it is suitable for transporting heavy-weight cargo. In order to lower the center of gravity, its cargo platform is designed to be lower than the gooseneck connecting the tractor. There are two types of low-bed semi-trailers: mechanical ladders and hydraulic ladders.

Dimensions of lowbed trailers in different lengths:

Lowbed Trailer DimensionsTotal length(ft)Width(ft)Total height(ft)Deck height(ft)Tare weight(T)Max payload
2 Axle36.58.2-
3 Axle40-559.14.13.3-4.57.060-80T
4 Axle47-599.1-

Skeletal Trailer Dimensions

How Long Is A Semi Trailer
Skeletal Trailer Drawings

Skeletal trailer is also called container trailer, and its purpose is the same as flatbed trailer. But the structure is simpler, lighter and cheaper than a flatbed trailer. The size of 2-axle, 3-axle, 4-axle skeleton trailer is between 20-53ft.

Dimensions of skeletal trailers in different lengths:

Skeletal Trailer DimensionsLength(ft)Width(ft)Height(ft)Tare weight(T)Max payload
2 Axle20-
3 Axle414.16.850T
4 Axle41-535.47.264T

In conclusion

The length of the semi-trailer is generally 20 – 54ft depending on the cargo being transported. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines the length range of semi-trailers. We can customize semi-trailers of different specifications for you within the specified range.