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fuel tanker trailer

A little bit about the Tanker Trailer

A little bit about the Tanker Trailer Wh […]
Aluminum fuel tank trailer

How long is a fuel tank trailer?

Fuel tank trailers are between 11,000mm and 15,000mm in length and have a life span of around six years, so they need to be replaced. If the maintenance is...
tipping trailer

What is Tipping Trailer

Tipping trailer is also called dump semi trailer, tipper trailer. Tipping semi trailer is suitable for coal, ore, earthwork, building materials and other bulk cargo transport. As a professional trailer manufacturer we offer 25-45cbm, 2-6 axle tipper trailer
skeleton chassis trailer

2 axles 40ft skeleton chassis trailer

The 2 axles 40ft container chassis trailer is mainly used for multi-modal transport logistics system supporting ships, ports, airlines, highways, transfer stations, Bridges, tunnels and so on.