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3 axles tipping trailer

3 axles tipping trailer ship to port

Our 3 axles tipping trailer is manufactured for an old customer in Africa. We have established cooperation with this customer four years ago, and he has purchased semi trailers from our company for many times. This time, he also purchased for his client, who was engaged in transportation business and needed 3 axles tipping trailer. Through communication with the client, our business manager finally determined the relevant configuration and provided drawings for the client. The client was very satisfied and bought 5 sets of 3 axles tipping trailer at one time.
80 ton lowboy trailers

80 ton lowboy trailers

The lower 80 ton lowboy trailers was made by our customer in Ghana. When customers through our website link to us, tell us that he want a to pull machine's l80 ton lowboy trailers, then through the communication with our sales manager, finally we wei customers recommend the 80 ton lowboy trailers, for our customers and our low flat-panel semi-trailer very satisfied, and established long-term cooperation relations, And promised to introduce a lot of customers to us, the whole cooperation process is very pleasant.
howo tank truck


HOWO tank truck is also known as mobile tanker, computer tax control tanker, tank trucks, loading tanker, tanker, tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, mainly used as oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar and other oil products) transportation and storage. According to the different use and use of the environment has a variety of oil or oil transport functions, with oil suction, pump oil, a variety of oil packaging, distribution and other functions.
dump trucks

Classification of dump trucks

Dump trucks is a vehicle that can unload goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as dump trucks. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and force fetching device. Dump trucks in civil engineering, often with excavators, loaders, belt conveyor and other engineering machinery joint operation, constitute loading, transportation, unloading production line, loading and unloading of earthwork, sand, bulk material transportation work.