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HOWO dump trucks

Hydraulic dump tops are common in trucks

Dump trucks in road transportation in our country has a long history, after years of development, people constantly improve its weaknesses, eventually spawned many versions, but the way of lifting the same principle, only by the design of the different species, on the top of the dump to adapt to a variety of different operating conditions and load, Next, let's dig the bottom of the dump top.
used truck

How to choose a good used truck

Used truck, the price is low, back to this fast, it is a lot of novice drivers into the transfer line or old driver's first choice, but a used car is different from the new car, there could be a lot of hidden problems, once the "eye" in your car, may face trouble, today is to summarize some old drivers in summing up the experience of some when buying a used car, hope can help you "pit".
howo truck (2)

The howo truck air filter

The air filter, that is, the air filter , is composed of two parts: the filter element and the casing. The filter element is the main accessory, which plays the role of gas filtration, and the casing is the shell that provides protection for the filter element. The main function of the air filter is to filter the air entering the engine and purify the air quality.
4axels 80ton low bed trailer

4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer

Rwanda has commissioned a 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer. This customer bought his first low-chassis semi from Fordun. The customer found our product on Alibaba and left an inquiry on the site. After that, our sales staff contacted the customer by phone.