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3 Axle Flat Bed 45 Ft Trailers

3 Axle Flat Bed 45 Ft Trailers

FUDENG manufactures high quality 4 axle flatbed 45 ft trailers that can carry 40ft containers, 20ft containers and bulk cargo. The 4 axle 45ft flatbed trailer...
Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

The three-axle drop side trailers for sale are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and the latest production technology to ensure its strength. The structure consists of one-piece high-quality steel main beams, solid floors with sidewall frames, etc. Whether you are loading cement, steel, any building materials, etc.
fence semi trailer

4 Axle 60 Ton Fence Semi Trailer

Many 4-axle 60-ton fenced semi-trailers are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items. FUDENG guardrail side trailer bottom plate through international standard 3mm thick grid. If you replace the 2mm plate or 2.5mm bottom plate.
bulk cement tank trailers

38 M3 Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

Tank body: The tank body of the 3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer is made of high-strength alloy steel, with reasonable overall structure design and light...