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semi trailer

Type of semi trailer

There are many different types of semi trailers; There are many ways to classify, sometimes by use, sometimes by length, sometimes by axis number; Sometimes by material; And so on;
low bed trailer 4

Characteristics and application of low bed trailer

low bed semi trailer is usually used to transport heavy vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery.
fuel tanker trailers

How to maintain oil tank semi trailer

The driving part that carries the oil tank semi trailer is generally called the car chassis. Generally, drivers are more expert in this area. The problem is that after the tank truck is equipped with a fuel pump, The drive shaft and the power take-off are installed to take the power from the engine. With these two devices, we need to pay special attention to the operation, and the power take-off will be scrapped if it is improperly operated.
oil tanker trailer

Introduction of Working Principle and Structure of Oil Tanker Trailer

The oil tanker trailer structure is elliptic cylinder or trapezoidal surface column shape, made of high quality steel plate, the whole tank is divided into single warehouse, warehouse can be divided into the room, the lower end of the middle clapboard has a through hole, each warehouse middle welding warehouse to strengthen the anti-wave clapboard, to reduce the impact of oil in the tank when the car drove and improve the stiffness of the tank. Preparations before use: insert the conductive rod into the ground to make it "grounded". If the ground is dry, water it to make it wet to ensure good grounding. Check the ground chain, make it contact with the ground, open the oil tanker control box door, check each valve handle, make it in the closed state (vertical position)