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What’s advantages of Oil Bath Type Air Filtration on the HOWO truck?


What’s the advantages of aluminium fuel tanker trailers ?

fuel tanker trailer

Fudeng Factory fuel tanker trailer shipping to Dar-es-Salaam Port!

Our tanker ready shipping to our Tanzania customer, it's 60000liters fuel tanker trailer with 6compartments, can be transport diesel, petroleum (gasoline), ethanol, and kerosene. Fuel Tanker Trailer's range from 30000liters to 60000liters in size...

Look our conveyor tipper semi trailer!

Look our conveyor tipper semi trailer, high safety factor, light dead weight, high degree of automation, simple operation, eliminate the hidden trouble of rolling over.Fast unloading, no residue, no driver in the cab control need not get off.Suitable for sand, coal, grain, asphalt, clinker and other bulk cargo transportation.