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Precautions for Sinotruk Howo trucks!

Sinotruk Howo is the very famous brand of truck in Africa, cheaper price and high quality is the reason that most transporter choose it. Howo Team research suitable truck for bad road condition more than 50 years, we have rich experience team to provide best solution for every customers. We also have many spare parts shop at Africa, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Liberia, Sudan, DR Congo and so on, you can get parts easily in your local when you should repair your trucks.
fuel tanker truck trailer

Precautions for fire prevention of fuel tanker truck trailer!

Fuel tanker truck trailer can transport petrol and diesel, there are carbon steel, stainless and aluminum material tank body depend on customer transport demand.
flatbed trailer shipping

Fudeng Factory flatbed trailer and low bed trailer shipping together!

Our flatbed trailer and low bed trailer ready shipping to Mombasa Port for our Uganda customer, we stack two trailers together, when our customer received his flatbed trailer and lowbed trailers, he can drive one tractor truck pull his two trailers together.

3pcs Fence Cargo Semi Trailers Shipping to Dar-es-Salaam Port!

Our fence cargo semi trailer will shipping to Dar-es-Salaam Port, 3pcs fence cargo semi trailers stack to shipping together can save much freight cost for client!