Fuel tanker trailers body maintenance method

fuel tanker trailers

Fuel tanker trailers body maintenance method

1. The 3 axle tanker trailer should be cleaned regularly.

The 3 axle tanker trailer is mainly driven by the engine. The oil tanker is mainly composed of oil gun, reel, flow meter, oil pump and so on. Mainly used for refueling of various vehicles such as engineering vehicles and small vehicles. Since the 40,000-liter tanker trailer is often used, after a certain period of time, the oil pipe should be checked regularly to ensure the normal operation of the tanker.

2. Regular cleaning

In order to better ensure the cleanliness requirements of oil tankers in use, a complete cleaning implementation is required every time the oil is transported, especially the oil tank and oil delivery system. Only by ensuring the cleanliness of oil pipes and oil tanks can we provide a powerful and valuable guarantee for the transportation of high-quality oil products.

fuel tanker trailers

3. Replace the filter element and oil of the diesel tanker filter.

No matter how good the lubricating oil is, after a period of use, as long as the oil quality changes, it should be replaced immediately.

In general, starting from the three aspects of 40,000-liter tanker trailer body maintenance, tank maintenance and improving driving habits, while extending the service life of the tanker, it can also greatly reduce safety hazards and avoid accidents.

4. Regular maintenance of the water tank.

Rust and scaling in the engine water tank are the most common problems. Regularly cleaning the water tank with a high-efficiency cleaning agent to remove rust and scale can not only ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also prolong the overall service life of the water tank and the engine.

fuel tanker trailers

Fuel tanker trailers maintenance method

1. The outer surface of the fuel tank should be anti-corrosion reduced once a year. Lubricate and prevent corrosion of each fastening bolt, valve, lead screw once a month.

2.The cleaning operation of the oil tank must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures, otherwise improper operation will bring adverse effects on the cleaning personnel and affect the tank body. After the tank truck has been used for a period of time, the tank body should be cleaned as needed.