HOWO concrete mixer truck

HOWO concrete mixer truck

HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

HOWO concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction; Because of its shape, it is often called the snail car. These trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixers to carry the concrete mixture. In the process of transportation, the mixing cylinder will always be kept rotating to ensure that the concrete carried will not solidify. After the concrete is delivered, the inside of the mixing cylinder is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying space and making the volume of the mixing cylinder less and less。

HOWO concrete mixer truck is composed of chassis, mixing cylinder, transmission system, water supply device and other parts. Because of the technical bottleneck, the four major parts of the domestic mixer are all imported parts.

Mixing truck composition: type 2 chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, mixing tank, material inlet and outlet device, water supply system, control system, ladder and other parts. The front end of the mixing tank is connected with the reducer and installed on the front end of the frame, and the back end is supported by two supporting wheels installed on the back end of the frame through the raceway.

HOWO concrete mixer truck

Maintenance of HOWO concrete mixer truck

Clean HOWO concrete mixer truck storage tank (mixing drum) and inlet and outlet

Because concrete will solidified into hard blocks in a short time, and has certain corrosion to steel and paint, so every time after the use of Concrete mixer truck, cleaning the Concrete mixer truck  adhesion on the concrete storage tank and material inlet and outlet is a daily maintenance work must be carried out seriously.

These include:

  1.  Wash the inlet with water before loading each time, so that the inlet is kept wet during loading;
  2. Fill the cleaning water tank with water when loading the material;
  3. After loading, wash the feeding port and clean the residual concrete near the feeding port;
  4. After unloading at the site, flush the discharge tank and add 30-40L of cleaning water to the concrete storage tank, and keep the concrete storage tank moving forward at a slow speed when the vehicle returns;
  5. Remember to let off the sewage in the Concrete mixer truck before loading next time;
  6. At the end of each day, thoroughly clean the concrete mixer truck and around the material inlet and outlet to ensure that there is no cement and concrete agglutination.
  7. The above work as long as a serious, will bring great trouble to the future work.

HOWO concrete mixer truck

The driving device is used to drive the HOWO concrete mixer truck to rotate. It consists of a force retractor, a universal shaft, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic motor, a control valve, a hydraulic oil tank and a cooling device. If this part stops working due to failure, the concrete storage tank will not be able to rotate, which will lead to the scrapping of the concrete inside the truck, and even make the concrete of the whole tank condense in the tank, causing the scrapping of the HOWO concrete mixer truck. Therefore, whether the driving device is reliable is a problem that must be paid great attention to in use.

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