How To Maintain 10cbm HOWO Concrete Mixing Truck

How To Maintain 10cbm HOWO Concrete Mixing Truck1

How To Maintain 10cbm HOWO Concrete Mixing Truck

10cbm HOWO concrete mixing truck is a special truck for concrete transport. Maintenance and repair is standardized, and the maintenance system of regular inspection, mandatory maintenance and local conditions is implemented. How were you 10cbm HOWO concrete mixer wagon?

How To Maintain 10cbm HOWO Concrete Mixing Truck1

Clean concrete mixing tank and inlet and outlet

Since the concrete solidifies in a short time to hard blocks that corrode the steel and paint, the concrete attached to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet must be cleaned and serviced daily after each use of 10cbm HOWO concrete mixing truck. Main maintenance includes:

1.Before using HOWO concrete mixer , wash the feed inlet with water to keep it moist.

2.Fill the water tank of the truck with water in advance.

3.Wash the feed entrance after concrete loading.

4.After unloading, wash the unloading tank in time, and then add water to the concrete tank to keep the concrete tank rotating to clean the residual concrete inside.

5.Remember to drain the waste water into the concrete tank before the next loading.

6.At the end of each day, thoroughly clean the concrete tank and around the inlet and outlet to ensure that no cement and concrete sticks. If these tasks are not even carried out carefully, they will cause great difficulties for future work.

How To Maintain 10cbm HOWO Concrete Mixing Truck1

Drive maintenance

The driving device is used to drive the concrete storage tank to rotate by 10cbm HOWO concrete mixer truck. The utility model consists of a power output, universal shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic oil tank and cooling device. If this part stops working due to faults, the concrete tank can not rotate, resulting in scrapping of the concrete in the vehicle, and even the entire concrete tank condenses in the tank, resulting in scrapping of the HOWO concrete mixer truck. Therefore, care must be taken during operation whether the drive unit is reliable. To ensure the integrity and reliability of the drive device of the 10cbm HOWO concrete mixing truck, the following maintenance work must be carried out:

1.The universal rotating part is the part with frequent faults. Grease must be added in time, wear must be checked frequently, and repair and replacement must be carried out in time. A replacement cardan shaft must be prepared at all times to ensure timely maintenance and replacement in the event of failure.

2.Make sure the hydraulic oil is clean. The working environment of the concrete mixer is very poor, so it is necessary to prevent dirty cement sand from penetrating into the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil must be changed regularly according to the requirements of the operating instructions. Once the hydraulic oil is mixed with water or sand during inspection, stop the machine immediately to clean the hydraulic system and replace the hydraulic oil.

3.Make sure the hydraulic oil cooler is effective. The hydraulic oil radiator of 10cbm HOWO concrete mixer truck needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the radiator from being blocked by cement. Check that the radiator’s electric fan is working normally to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from exceeding the standard. As long as the hydraulic oil is clean, there are not many faults in the hydraulic part.

How To Maintain 10cbm HOWO Concrete Mixing Truck1

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