Knowledge of LNG truck maintenance

LNG truck

Knowledge of LNG truck maintenance

After entering the severe winter, due to the low temperature, LNG truck should pay special attention to the maintenance and use of vehicles, especially to avoid the occurrence of ice in electrical pipelines

Close LNG truck pressurized valve outlet valve

Before the LNG truck stops to sleep in winter, be sure to close the cylinder pressurization valve and liquid outlet valve.

1.after the cold cold start, don’t worry on the accelerator pedal, idle engine it is advisable to a certain period of time, such as water temperature rise again after driving on the road, don’t try so hard, and do not recommend run stop idle for a long time.

2. in the cold and the runtime, it is recommended that the inter-cooled positive increase insulation cotton, can play a windproof, heat preservation effect, reduce the traffic of cold when the wind cooling. a stop fire, can maintain the engine closed again after 3-5 minutes idling hot air, to keep the engine have better stop conditions.

If the pipe or valve has been frozen, you can use warm water to flush the pipe, do not use a hammer or its hard object to hit the pipe or joint

LNG truck

Distinguish whether icing is normal or not

Let’s have a look at the simple composition of LNG truck cylinders, mainly for the double vacuum structure, including the inside outside containers, containers, valves, sensors and other components. The LNG truck tank storage of cryogenic liquid, uses the low temperature resistant alloy to withstand the pressure and low temperature. Shell protect the tank, do not contact with low temperature, under the tank and the liquid gravity load and thermal barrier of vacuum negative pressure. Shell and keep a certain distance between the LNG truck  tank, form interlayer space, and populate the adiabatic material, intermediate sandwich part of high vacuum, to ensure good heat insulation effect.

LNG truck during the period of no operation, especially the park for a long time, may cause the pressure in the cylinder because of LNG truck. When reaches a certain threshold, in order to ensure the safety of vehicles, the cylinder valve will start the exhaust themselves to release the pressure inside the cylinder.In this case, the cylinder valve can form frost near, condensate water wait for a phenomenon. , of course, this is not a cylinder or pneumatic failure caused by, but gas car features. But if a cylinder pipe iced, frosted, and may be the vehicle air leakage fault.

of course, this is only a hint to card the friends, frost alone cannot fully judgment, combustible gas detector to detect gas leakage is needed to confirm. Now, however, the gas and the car is equipped with a gas leak alarm, can real-time monitor the gasholder situation, if there is any failure or leakage, will make prompt accordingly, in order to ensure vehicle safety. At the same time, we will always be relevant safety precautions, strengthening inspection, as far as possible to avoid the potential safety hazard such as leak to happen.