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60ton fence semi trailer
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3 axles tipping trailer

FUDENG 3 Axle Tipping Trailer

 Model: 3 Axle 70 ton

Delivery date: 7-25 days

Application: transport Coal, ore, building materials 

Hydraulic system: HYVA cylinder 

1.FUDENG 3 Axle Tipping Trailer Description

FUDENG 3 axles tipping trailer is divided into high strength, manganese steel and ordinary carbon steel. Among them, the high strength steel and T700, T900, T980 and other models are different. The durability of semi-dump truck trailer steel also increases gradually with the increase of the model, and the weight can also be reduced gradually. 3 axles tipping trailer will be manufactured using high strength steel.

With the popularity of 3 axles tipping trailer mechanical automation, I plant in semi dump truck processing of cutting, welding and other processes to achieve the basic automatic operation, production technology has been greatly improved. After welding molding, the surface will be sandblasted rust removal, which can better increase the adhesion of the paint.

3 axles tipping trailer heavy dump truck.Dump trailer is mainly used in the construction field of coal, sand, stone and other large stone transport.Dump trailers have rear dump and side dump and can be used in different fields.Capacity and payload can be designed according to customer requirements.

  1. 3 axles tipping trailer paint spraying uniform, full coverage. Paint is divided into alkyd paint and high-grade polyurethane paint.
  2.  Considering the characteristics of 3 axles tipping trailer, the spraying method adopts man-machine combination semi-automatic method.
  3.  3 axles tipping trailer is suitable for transporting bulk cargo, such as coal, ore, construction materials, etc. The bucket thickness of the semi dump trailer can be designed according to the cargo transported.
3 axles tipping trailer

2.FUDENG 3 Axle Tipping Trailer Specifications


Dimension:10.5m*2.5m*3.5m (outside) or Customized

Box dimension inside:9.8m*2.35m*1.7m

Box thickness:Side 6mm, bottom plate 8mm

Hydraulic cylinder:202 hydraulic oil cylinder HYVA brand

Loading Capacity: 40 ton – 60 ton

Cubic Meters:40 cbm

Axle :3units 13 ton, BPW brand, Fuwa,FUDENG,heavy axles for Africa rough road condition

Tire:12R22.5 , 12 units

Suspension: Heavy duty type Mechanical suspension

King Pin: 90# JOST

Landing Gear: JOST 28T lifting capacity

Main beam Height: 500mm, Q345B high strength steel

Accessories:One standard tool box and spare tire carriers


3 axles tipping trailer

For the new 3 axles tipping trailer, this dump trailer has a loading capacity of 80-90 tons. We have one in stock now. Customs also has the option to convert the vehicle to a six-axle to carry more weight. Axle brand, tire brand, model can be customized according to your preferences. And now there is no need to wait for production.

U/square 3 axles tipping trailer is provided by class 5 heavy telescopic cylinders that provide a 45 degree tilt.
The oil depot is equipped with suction filter, pneumatic remote control, 2 reduction valves and a safety limit control.
Trailer must be refueled, hydraulic contact between trailer and conveyor provided by 2 sockets.