4 Axles lowboy Trailer-FUDERNG 80ton 4 Axles lowboy Trailer for sale
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45k liters fuel tanker trailer
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60ton fence semi trailer
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4 Axles lowboy Trailer

Type: 4 axle folding neck lowboy trailer

Delivery: 7-28 days Dimensions: customized

Tire:16 units

Landing gear:JOST

1.FUDENG 4 Axles lowboy Trailer

The 4 Axles lowboy Trailer adopts high strength steel material to ensure the bearing capacity, the load can reach 100-120 tons.
Adopt WABCO brake valve, JOST leg, Fuwa, BPW shaft and other famous brand accessories. This ensures the long service life of the trailer.

4 Axles lowboy Trailer also known as  4 Axles lowbed Trailer. Generally used to transport engineering machinery and large equipment. In general, many places are limited, especially on some Bridges. Since it is not possible to transport using flat semi-trailers, 4 Axles lowboy Trailer are used for transport

4 Axles lowboy Trailer

The main use of 4 Axles lowboy Trailer is to transport large heavy vehicles, its stability is very good, in the transport of heavy goods and avoid the above obstacles have many advantages. The frame size of the low-profile trailer is concave beam type. When loading the goods into other 50 ton detachable low-axle trailers, the loading equipment at the back of the trailer is used, and then the equipment is mounted to the semi-trailer by means of dismantling. However, this loading method has some drawbacks. Therefore, the detachable Gooseneck 50-ton low-arm trailer can separate gooseneck from the trailer to realize the contact between the front end of the vehicle and the ground. After the completion of cargo loading, the semi trailer can be restored to the original transport state in time.

4 Axles lowboy Trailer

2.FUDENG Muitl-Axles lowboy TrailerSpecification

Overall dimension: 15800mm * 3000mm *3400mm

Loading capacity(T): 100T

Axle: 13T/16T, FUWA / BPW / FUDENG Brand

Rim: 8.0-20

Tire: 11.00R20

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Spring leaf: 90(W)mmx13(Thickness)mmx10 layers

Kingpin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch(bolted or welded type)

Landing gear: JOST brand

Main beam: Height: 500mm, Upper plate: 20mm, Middle plate: 12mm, Lower plate: 20mm, Material: Q345B steel.

Bottom Platform: 5mm thick checkered plate

Ramp: hydraulic type

Gooseneck: Optional

ABS: Optional

Valve: WABCO valve

Light: LED light (specially intended for oversea markets)