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4 Axles U Shape Tipper Semi Trailer

Place Of Origin: Shandong, China
Year Of Made: 2019
Volume: 45 Cubic Meters
Max Payload: 50-60 Tons
Usage: Transport sand, gravels, small rocks, granite, bauxite etc
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Product Description

FUDENG Automobile is specialized in manufacture custom-made tipper semi trailers with over 10 years experience. FUDENG 4 axles tipper semi trailer designed with 60 tons max payload, can transport sand, rocks, stones, gravels etc construction materials. Customer from Nigeria, the road conditions are full of mud roads, need to build the trailers very strong and stable to adapt to their road conditions.
Tipper Semi Trailer Specifications
Dimension: 9600*2500*3450mm (Customized)
Bucket 9000*2400*1500mm
Load Capacity: 50Ton
Usage Transport sand, rock, gravel etc construction materials
Cylinders Heavy duty lifting system
Main Beam: High tension carbon steel
Painting: Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust,1 coat of anti-corrosive prime,2coats of final paints
Axle: Heavy duty FUWA/BPW/Chinese Brand
Suspension: Mechanial / Air Suspension
King Pin: 2'' or 3.5''
Landing Gear: 28T lifting capacity with two speed
Tire: 12.00R20
Brake System: WABCO, ABS Optional
Leaf Spring: 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10 Layer (Option:90/16/10;100/16/10)
Electrial System: 24V; 7 ways receptacle; LED lamps
Accessories: One tool box, one spare tire carrier
Colour and Marking: Comply with the customer’s requirement