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45000L Fuel Tank Trailer

Place Of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Dimension: 11.6x2.5x3.85M
Transport Capacity: 30000 Liters to 60000 Liters
Medium: Fuel Oil, Diesel, Gasoline Petroleum
Axles: 2/3/4 Axles, FUWA/BPW/Chinese Brand
Color: Per buyer’s need
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45000L Fuel Tank Trailer Product Description

FUDENG fuel tank trailer can be produced with carbon steel fuel tank body, aluminium alloy fuel tank body for customers transport needs option. The fuel tank trailer production workshop apply with world first class automation production line. To build customers high quality durable usage fuel tank trailer use automatic equipment such as steel sheet cutting apparance and fuel tank trailer welding machinery adopt strict welding procedure.
FUDENG provide varity of fuel tank trailer capacity solutions. The fuel tank trailer carrying volume with 30000L, 40000L, 42000 Liters, 45000 Lts, 50000L, 60000 Litters. The fuel tank trailer tanker body can be divide with one compartment, two compartment, three compartments, four compartments, five compartments up to twelve compartments. The offloading valves for fuel oil have API discharge valve and normal discharge valves with different inches standard. We also send you free reducer union to support your multiple logistics needs.
Regarding the liquid fuel tank trailer material have carbon steel , aluminium, stainless steel for customer fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, petrol, dirty water, drink water, palm oil, milk, asphalt bitumen transport buisness demand.

1. The fuel tank trailer each compratmnet with high quality bottom valve to help prevent from the fuel tank trailer oil leakage when the fuel tank trailer is overturned or crushed by accident, insure the safety ability and longer service life time of the fuel tank trailer
2. Each compartment of the fuel tank trailer weld with wave plate to increase the stability of the fuel tank trailer body during transporting, reduce the impact of the oil from the fuel tank body.
3. FUDENG with over thirty years fuel tank trailer producing experience, design the reasonable below offloading pipes to make sure each compartment oil fuel can discharging fastly and with less residule. Other factory can copy the outside shape but cannot copy our experience in knowing well the fuel tank trailer.
4. The fuel tank trailer use famous steel and aluminium material production factory in China, ensure the fuel tank trailer with good quality in raw material.
5. Fuel tanker body trailer painted with advanced paint system and polyurethane paint. Outsides appearance is beautiful can keep using more than 5 years.
Oil Tanker Trailer Specifications
Dimension: 11700*2500*3800mm
Medium Fuel Oil, Petroleum, Diesel, Gasoline
Volume 30000 Liters to 60000 Liters
Fluid property Flammable and Explosive
Shape Round or oval type
Tanker Material Carbon steel or Aluminium
Compartments 1-12pcs
Manhole 1-12pcs
Bottom Valves Each compartments with one
Offloading Valves 1-10pcs, API
Main Beam Steel or Aluminium
Axles 2 3 4 Axles
Landing Gear 28Tons with two speed
Suspension Mechanical & Air suspension
Tire 12R22.5*12Pcs
Voltage: 24V
Accessories: One standard tool box, one spare tire rack, two fire extinguishers
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo/RORO/Flat Rack