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50000Liters Aluminum Tanker Semi Trailer

Place of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Brand name: Fudeng
Axle: 2/3/4 axles
Usage: Transport petrol and diesel
Volume: 30000-50000liters
Compartments: 1-10pcs
Color: Customer optional
Inquiry Email: sales@fudengtrailer.com Phone / Whatsapp : +86 18678652358

Aluminum Tanker Semi Trailer Product Description

Aluminum tanker semi trailer is much better than traditional carbon steel tanker in economy, safety and durability. Aluminum material density is small, high strength, the whole tanker side and after protection and oil pipeline structure are made of aluminum alloy, aluminum tanker semi trailer is about lighter 4tons than carbon steel tanker semi trailer, so aluminum tanker semi trailer can carry more petrol and diesel, improve work efficiency and can make more money for your business.
The aluminum tanker body can be conducive to the timely transmission of static electricity generated in the process of oil loading and unloading and transportation, reducing the probability of accidents. Consider the perspective of driving safety, aluminum tanker semi trailer collision inertia is small, braking distance is reduced, so it will be more safe.
This is 5pcs compartments of 50000liters aluminum tanker semi trailer, you can transport five kinds fuel oil, and we design API multipurpose discharge valve which can in and out petrol and diesel.
According to our customer's requirements, we design BPW axle and air bag suspension, lifting the first axle. Air suspension has a better shock absorption effect, and can adjust the height of the body autonomously, greatly improving the stability of the aluminum tanker semi trailer.