Best 60ton fence semi trailer-FUDENG 3/4/5/ axles fence semi trailer
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3 Axles Tipping Trailer
60ton fence semi trailer

60ton fence semi trailer

Overall dimension:13000mm * 2500mm *3350mm

Loading capacity: 60-80ton

Axles:3 axles

Sidewalls height: 1800mm

1.FUDENG 3 axle 60ton fence semi trailer

Fence semi trailer is a common semi trailer transport mode, is the freight station, express company indispensable means of transport. 4 axle pile semi-trailer, used for transporting simple goods, such as: vegetables, fruits, clothes, household appliances, daily necessities, etc. The Chinese pile semi can also be used to transport sheep, cattle and other animals.
With container locks, it can be used for fenced flat trailers to load containers.
FUDENG production of 3 axles 60ton fence semi trailer using high-quality materials, important accessories and configuration are adopted domestic and foreign brands. The main beam adopts Q345 high strength steel, which runs stably and safely under bad road conditions. This makes the product last longer, saves maintenance costs and improves operation efficiency.

60ton fence semi trailer

Upgraded from side-wall trailers, the 3 axle 60ton fence semi-trailer is an assembly with a small wall and fence. Fence semi trailers can be customized for small walls and fence height. The fence trailer can also choose the number of layers of side walls and fences. Unique combinations sooner or later produce unique shapes.

  1. American suspension thickened lug with suspension 90X16X10 pieces, good shock absorption effect, durable, easy maintenance, German leaf spring suspension, single point suspension, air suspension).
  2. Tire: choose the most suitable tire according to the customer’s road conditions, suitable for African road conditions, wear resistance, high temperature resistanc.
  3.  Chinese standard 12, 14, 6 mm, taking into account the road conditions in your country :14, 16, 8 mm
    (12, 14, 6) The best manganese steel Q345B is used to ensure the strength and toughness of the car body. The side beam is Q235 manganese steel with 24mm side beam.
60ton fence semi trailer

2.FUDENG 3 axle 60ton fence semi trailer Specification

Manufacturer :FUDENF60ton  fence semi trailer

Payload :60,000kg 

Tare weight: 73,00kg

Dimension :13000x2500x1550mm+(with removable fence 2200mm) Wheelbase 1310mm

Main beam: Beam height 500mm, upper plate-14mm, bottom plate double 8mm, middle plate-16mm, made of Q345 steel

Cross/side beam :Q235, channel steel 

Floor :3 mm diamond steel plate 

Painting :Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust, coat of anti-corrosive prime,2coatsof finalpaints

Tool box :1piecs

Axle: 3x13ton FUWA Axle

Suspension :Mechanical suspension

Leaf spring :90(W)mm*16(thickness)mm*10Layers

Tyre :12R22.5 ,13pcs,Triangle tire Rim 9.0-22.5

Kingpin :JOST King Pin bolt-in type 50mm

Landing gear :Double speed, external 28tons,

Brake system :WABCO valve Dual-line braking system

Electrical system :1 voltage 24v 2 Receptacle:7ways(7wire harness),Tail lamp with turn signal,brake light&reflectors,side lamp etc.

One set 6-core standard cable.