60ton low boy trailer for sale -FUDENG specical trailer
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dump truck for sale
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fuel trailers for sale
60ton low boy trailer for sale

60ton low boy trailer for sale

Characteristics Of 60ton Low Boy Trailer For Sale

Air detachable gooseneck 60ton low boy trailer for sale structure.

The structure of the 60ton low boy trailer for sale includes the traction saddle and the raised vertical portion of the upper end of the horizontal rail. The vertical section can be connected to the horizontal stringer and can always rotate around the axis of the stringer.The rear end of the horizontal longerbeam is in a level position with the vertical portion of the main beam. The upper position of the main vertical is provided with a fixed platform mechanism, on which the air bag and two tractors are fixedly installed.

60 ton lowboy trailer

(2) the characteristics of the air can remove the gooseneck trailer. Air under the control of 60ton low boy trailer for sale has so many advantages. First of all, can according to how many adjustments to the loading of the goods, and can adjust height and head space distance, make the goods loading and unloading and transportation more convenient, safe, second, adjustment on the height of the trailer with gooseneck air 60ton low boy trailer for sale can control adjusting mechanism, the pneumatic components of trailer driver, so that the trailer height is more appropriate, can more convenient in the loading and unloading of goods, this Some are tractor most standard configuration . To this end, prompting 60ton low boy trailer for sale has the self-respect; Finally, 60ton low boy trailer for sale in driving process, can always ensure the shrinkage of the pin shaft, and wrapped with a cushion gas can in a suspended state, because some of transportation of the goods is fragile, the application of these components can protect the fragile goods; When the pin is always in a contracting state can the teaching value of broad gauge on the air for records, so as to find trailer cargo overload situations in a timely manner.

60ton low boy trailer for sale
 3 4 axles detachable gooseneck trailer specifications
16250*3200*2200mm (Outside) or customized
60T~120T or customized
Hydraulic power station
12KW JAC brand diesel engine
Goose neck
Hydraulic detachable goose neck
Main beam
HG60 high tensile steel
Frame Floor
The thickness is 4mm pattern
3 axles AN brand 16T heavy duty for Africa bad road condition
Landing Gear
JOST brand 28T lifting capacity
King Pin
2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Mechanical suspension
Leaf Spring
12R22.5*12pcs optional
One standard tool box

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