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3 Axles Tipping Trailer
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tri axle dump semi trailer

Tri Axle Fuel Tanker For Sale

Fuel tanker trailer is also known as tank trailer, oil transport trailer, oil transport car, oil transport truck, mainly used for oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar and other oil products) transportation and storage. According to the different use and use of the environment has a variety of oil or oil transport functions, with oil suction, pump oil, a variety of oil packaging, distribution and other functions.

1.Tri Axle Fuel Tanker For Sale Description

FUDENG fuel tanker trailer with leading design and production management concept as well as multiple advanced production lines. We FUDENG allow produce 300 units semi trailer tanker for sale monthly to supply domestic and overseas large orders. As China top largest fuel tanker trailers manufacturer we can produce Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Steel fuel tanker trailer and Stainless Steel tanker trailers for sale. By build the most durable and strong tankers, especially for Africa Market which need to consider the road conditions. China Fudeng fuel tanker trailers with good pressure-bearing, anti-distortion, anti-vibration and explosion-proof performance make your oil tanker trailers much safety and more beneficial.

Oval tankers are a very popular choice in Africa. Because the elliptical diesel tank can effectively reduce and disperse the pressure of the liquid on the petrol tanker wall.

Meanwhile it is beneficial to reduce the wall thickness and reduce the weight of the whole fuel tanker trailer.

In terms of driving safety, it is also good to improve the balance of the semi fuel tanker vehicle during driving.

In addition, there are breakwater plates inside the oil tanker trailer to prevent the liquid from shaking back and forth during driving and affecting the balance of the vehicle.

FUDENG 3axles fuel tanker for sale in African ,we have all kinds of fuel ranker semi trailer can be custominzed,welcome to your iqnuiry!

fuel tanker for sale

2.Tri Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale Maintain

  1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel tanker for sale, the oil tank for sale and the oil transmission system should be cleaned regularly, the internal and external joints at both ends of the fuel transmission hose should be regularly smeared with lubricating oil, and the oil pipe should be cleaned in time after each work to ensure the cleanliness of the pipe.
  2.  The use and maintenance of fuel tanker  pump shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operation and maintenance instructions.
  3. Before refueling operation, electric poles must be used to insert them into the wet land, and the rubber belt of the fuel tanker for sale should be connected to the ground. Good electrostatic conductivity should always be maintained during operation.
  4. safety valve, filter network should be regularly checked and cleaned.
  5. fuel tanker and pipeline system should be cleaned regularly. Check regularly whether the joints of the piping system are well connected and sealed reliably.
fuel tanker for sale

3.Tri Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer For Sale Specification

3 Axles Fuel Tanker For Sle


Dimension:13000mm*2490mm*3990mm or customized


Tanker Body thickness:5mm Aluminum alloy

End Plate thickness:6mm/Aluminum alloy

Wave plate:4mm/Aluminum alloy

Tare weight:About 6500kg


Manhole:6pcs Aluminum alloy manhole cover, 500mm

Bottom Valve:6

Discharging Valve:6pcs 3 or 4 inch

Discharging Pipe:3’’ or 4” rubber hose, 2 pcs, 6m/each

Other:Ladder/ Walking Platform/ Folding armrest


Main Beams:Q345 Aluminum alloy material

Axle:3 axles, 13Ton FUWA brand 16Ton brake pad

Landing Gear:SAF Holland 25T

King Pin:2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin

Suspension:Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring:90mm(W)*13mm(T)*10 pcs

Pneumatic Braking System:Stored chamber T30/30 spring brake chamber; 4 pcs, T30 2pcs

Rim 9.00-22.5 Aluminum alloy 12pcs

Tire 12.00R22.5 12pcs Triangle or equal brand

ABS Optional

Accessories:One standard tool box/one valve box/two Fire Extinguisher/ two Spare tire rack

Mudguard material:Aluminum alloy

Electrical system:24Volt electrical system, 7 pin electrical connector. Parking stop, reverse, number plate and indicator lights. Rear lights, rear, front and side reflectors.

Packing and shipping

Painting:Complete Chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint

Shipping Terms:By Bulk Cargo/RORO/40HQ Containers/flat rack