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HOWO U Shape 6x4 20CBM Dump Truck

Condition: Brand New
Horsepower: 336HP / 371HP / 420HP
Capacity: 20-40Tons
Drive Type: Right Hand Dirve / Left Hand Drive
Sleeper: One Sleeper
Color: Per Customer Need
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Product Description

HOWO U shape bucket dump truck brand new manufactured in 2019. Special U shape box can have faster discharging speed and with fluent outside design more fashion and firm. The customer do the contractor construction business, need to transport sand, rocks, stones, gravels etc construction materials. The dump truck with left hand driving build for Ivory Coast customer, 371hp horsepower is perfect for the customer transport demand. 6x4 with 10 wheelers, 12.00R20 steel radial tires with 11pcs include one spare tire. Very good specifications.
HOWO 6x4 Dump Truck Specifications
Dimension: 8645*2500*3450mm (Customized)
Bucket 5800*2300*1500mm ; 20 Cubic, bottom 8mm side 6mm
Cabinet HW76, New face, with single berith, with A/C
Load Capacity: 20-40Ton
Usage Transport sand, rock, gravel etc construction materials
Cylinders T middle lifting system
Engine WD615.47 , 371HP, EURO 2
Drive Type Left Hand Drive
Transmission HW19710
Steering ZF8118
Drive Axle HC16, double axles, dump type
Front Axle HF9, drum type
Tire: 12.00R20 with 11pcs
Bumper High bumper
Fuel Tank 300L
Electrial System: 24V; 7 ways receptacle; LED lamps
Colour Comply with the customer’s requirement
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