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SHACMAN F3000 10 Wheeler 6x4 Dump Truck

F Series Solid and Strong Body
HANDE Axles: Front Axle 9.5T, Drive Axles 16T*2
FAST Gearbox: FAST world famous gearbox brand
Front Lifting Cylinder, Heavy Load Lifting
Weichai WP Diesel Engine, Good Performance In Climbing Hills
SHACMAN F3000 Highest Cost Performance, King of Heavy Load
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Product Description

SHACMAN F Series trucks with advance design , solid and strong truck body can drive on rough road conditions and heavy loaded trailers.
Economic Fuel Consumption
Strong Truck Body
Heavy Duty Truck Chassis


SHACMAN F3000 6x4 Dump Truck Specifications
Dimension: 8645*2500*3450mm (Customized)
Bucket 5800*2300*1500mm ; 20 Cubic, bottom 8mm side 6mm
Cabinet F3000 Midlengthen cabinet, flat roof, with A/C
Load Capacity: 20-40Ton
Usage Transport sand, rock, gravel etc construction materials
Cylinders Chinese Brand/Hvya Brand Front Lifting Cylinder
Engine WEICHAI WP 10
Drive Type Left Hand Drive / Right hand drive
Gearbox FAST
Steering China Brand
Drive Axle HANDE Axles, MAN 16T
Front Axle HANDE Axles, MAN 9.5T
Tire: 12.00R20 with 11pcs
Bumper Metal bumper
Fuel Tank 300L
Electrial System: 24V; 7 ways receptacle; LED lamps
Colour Comply with the customer’s requirement