SHACMAN F3000 Water Tank Truck / Water Sprinkler Tank Truck
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SHACMAN F3000 Water Tank Truck

Place Of Origin: Shannxi, China
Model: SHACMAN F3000
Dimension: 10.5x2.45x3.45m
Tank Volume: 15,000Liters to 30,000 Liters
Drive Model: 6x4 or 4x2
Tires: 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5, 13R22.5 or customized
Axles: HANDE Axle
Inquiry Email: Phone / Whatsapp : +86 18678652358

Product Description

SHACMAN F3000 6x4 10 wheeler water tank truck for road clean and road tree watering , the Shacman f3000 water tanker truck 15000 liters or 4000 gallon , 20000 liters or 5300 gallon , 25000L or 6600 gallon or customized liters capacity per customer demand. Expectations and demands are on the raise and the Shacman F3000 water tank truck is the solution. With many configurations available to choose; from the standard 20 cubic carbon steel water tank truck for environment road water, shacman f3000 water sprinkler tank truck can also select with Cummins engine and Weichai engine available. Shacman F3000 highly specialized vehicles for that tough job, the F3000 has you covered. No matter what the job entails, our qualified professionals can help you pick out the perfect vehicle.
SHACMAN F3000 6x4 Water Tank Truck
SHACMAN Water Tank Truck Rear


1) SHACMAN F3000 water tank truck the capacity variety from 15,000 liters to range 30000 liters capacity.
2) The engine of Shacman F3000 water tank trucks have Cummins engine and Weichai engine two type available for customers option. Both engines are world famous brand on engine power provider.
3) The horsepower of SHACMAN F3000 water tank truck also with various horsepower range which largest horsepower can up to 430hp.
4) For owners the trucks fuel consumption and work attendance is important to lower the working cost. SHACMAN F3000 water tank trucks with lower fuel consumption because of good engine and other outstanding works on the trucks also make there less problems appear when using.


SHACMAN Water Tank Truck
Series F3000/H3000/L3000/F2000/X3000
Medium Dirty water / potable water
Volume 2000L/4500L/5000L/6000L/8000L/10000L/12000L/14000L or customized
Fluid property Water
Shape Round or oval type
Tanker Material Carbon steel or Aluminium or stainless steel
Compartments One
Manhole Two
Offloading Valves One
Drive Axle 13T MAN
Front Axle MAN 7.5T
Tire 12R22.5 or 315/80R22.5 or 13R22.5
Sprinkler Front, side, rear optional
High Pressure Water Torch Optional, rear platform optional
Voltage 24V
Accessories One standard tool box, one spare tire rack, two fire extinguishers
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo/RORO/Flat Rack