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SHACMAN F3000 tractor head
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SHACMAN X3000 horse truck head
SHACMAN X3000 Horse Truck Head

SHACMAN X3000 Tractor Head Price

SHACMAN X3000 Series Tractor Truck Head
Cummins ISME Engine, Weichai Engine
345HP 385HP 420HP,2010 N.m. Shacman X3000 Tractor head
Fuel tankers haulage 345HP 385HP 420HP Cummins Shacman X3000
Economic fuel consumption, high work attendance
400L / 600L / 700L / 800L / 1200L Fuel Tank Optional
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Product Description

Shacman X3000 use 600L+300L,Aluminum Alloy fuel tank.It has the advantages of high cleanliness, high weight, light, good corrosion resistance.
About its power,it’s really great power,that’s fine.Cummins ISME engine,420 HP,2010 N.m.High degree of intelligent engine management, so that the vehicle in the running process can obtain strong power and excellent fuel economy;The advanced fault diagnosis system greatly improves the diagnostic performance of the whole vehicle. HANDE 7.5T front axle + 16T HANDE.Compared with the single-stage bridge of Japanese models, Hande Axle has reserved 16T bipolar bridge with stronger bearing capacity for the mining engineering market segment, which has been fully verified in the domestic and foreign markets, especially in terms of bearing capacity and reliability.
2-Stage widening casting axle,i=3.866.And the carriage,it is about 70 tons or so,no problem,it’s perfectly running.About gear and everything,superb,everything is fine.
SHACMAN X3000 Tractor Head -Long-distance transportation


1.Thermal insulation cab.
2.Electric controlled automatic air conditioni.
3.Cabin air suspension + Transverse shock absorber.
4.900 mm widening sleeper berth.
5.Grammer air suspension chair.
6.Shacman has too much bed space,can easily sleep,no problem,and there is a camera also.In case you fell asleep during the running,this just get light in your eyes,and you just wake up.This is mostly appreciate for that.
7.X3000 bridge according to the size of the cab can be divided into 4 high top (lengthened), 5 (extended half tall roof), 6 (extended half top) three bridge, points left and right (satisfy regulatory requirements), 4 cab for extended top double sleeper cabin, mainly used for long-distance logistics transportation, 6, and 5 bridge is more suitable for dump truck and car use demand.


Drive type 6X4
Wheel base(mm) 3175+1400
Overall dimension(mm) 6990X2490X3450
Curb weight(Kg) 9100
Load capacity(Kg) 90000
Cabin High roof,one and half rows,luxury configuration,
2,3 passengers allowable,with single bunker,A/C
Engine Model Weichai Engine / Cummins Engine
Emission standard Euro II
Description In-line, 6 cylinders,water cooled,4 strokes,turbo charged,inter-cooled,electric control,high pressure,
common rail,diesel engine
Gear box 12JSD200T,manual,12 forward&2 reverse gears
Driving axle Twin reduction with big torque ratio 5.92,
load capacity 16000Kg*2
Front axle Steering axle,load capacity 7500Kg
Frame 850×300(8+5)
Quantity of leaf spring Front and rear more leaf spring baldes and two main blades two U bolts
Clutch Diaphragm clutch,pull-type Ø430
Inner trimming
Standard configuration Air suspension seat
Seat heater
Lumbar support to the driver
Adjustable steering wheel
Electrical system
Standard configuration CAN bus intellectual electronic control system
New battery box
Start/stop device under the vehicle
Standard Three points safety belt
configuration Automatic clearance adjustment arm,tachometer
Service brake Dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
ABS Optional
Comfortable accessories
Cab four points full floating suspension Front and rear coil spring
Standard configuration Cab anti-rolling stabilizing device
Hand accelerator
Electric window Provided
Fuel tank 400L,aluminum fuel tank
Standard configuration Big tool box
Reinforced rim (with HQ mark)
Three in one lock (Ignition switch, door and fuel tank)
Type specification 12.00R20
Number of tyres 10+1
Grade ability(%) 35