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W shape 3 axles bulker cement tank trailer

Place Of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Dimension: 13x2.5x4M
Max Payload: 85-90 Tons
Medium: Bulk Cement , Dry Powder, Fly ash
Axles: 2/3/4 Axles, FUWA/BPW/Chinese Brand
Color: Per buyer’s need
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Product Description

FUDENG dry bulk cement tank trailers build with high tensile steel material with high quality, the tanker capacity range from 25cbm to 70cbm capacity with 30 tons to 88 tons payload with high capacity satisfy customers different demands for bulk cement transporting. FUDENG customized 3 Axles 65CBM W Shape Bulker Cement Tank Trailer adopt high strenght steel materials, build with 80 tons max payload using BPW axles Gemany brand famous around the world. Weichai engine and Wuhu Foda air compressor with double cylinders with 12 cbm capacity for air compressor very good famous parts brand, JOST landing gear used for customers as standards. FUDENG with over 25 years experience in producing bulker tanker trailers keep developing new tanker trailers and pipes design.
FUDENG bulk cement tanker trailers advantage:
1. Best Raw Materials
YP>620Mpa Well performence support Strong structure for longer service life.
2. Lightest weight
High straighth steel cause lighter tare weight, reduce fuel consumption.
3. Fast unloading
Quality engine support unloading rate > 1.5t/min, increase round trip rate.
4. High loading rate
Unique design, loading rate >98%, load more for per trip
5. Low residual rate
reasonable angle design, unloading faster and residual rate<0.3%, increase economy for one trip

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