Dump Trailer-FUDENG 3//4/5/6 AXLES Dump Trailer for sale

Dump Trailer

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1.About FUDENG dump semi trailer

FUDENG Dump semi-trailer is a semi-trailer suitable for the transportation of bulk and scattered goods such as sands and stones and coal, ore, earthwork, and construction materials. The carriage adopts rollover and backward self-unloading methods, which can effectively transport bulk and scattered goods by loading and unloading machines.The frame and the longitudinal beam of the carriage are welded with high-quality manganese plates, and the cargo box has two types: dustpan and rectangle. It has high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.Sophisticated craftsmanship: The main components are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beams are fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the axles and leaf springs are precisely assembled by an assembly machine.
Fudeng have many types of dump semi trailers,such as 30tons-60tons tipper semi trailers,60-80tons rear tipper semi trailer,80-120tons end dump trailers,120-180tons multiple axles dump semi trailers. We can customize the bucket Volume from 20-80cubic meters,Such as Ghana market prefer the 5 axles.6 axles 45cubic dump semi trailers.
Our dump trailers are sold well in Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., such as Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Liberia, Senegal, etc.

Dump Trailer
U shape 2 axles 20cubic 30tons dump semi trailer
Dump Trailer
Square shape 3 axles 60-80tons dump semi trailer

1.1How many Tons a FUDENG dump trailer carry?

Fudeng dump trailers can carry 20-180tons,It is according to your actual transport demand.Our 3 axles 20cubic 30cubic 45cubic dump trailer can transport 40tons,50tons,60tons,70tons,80tons,100tons and so on. 4 axles,5 axles dump trailer can carry 100-120tons,our factory also have multiple axles dump semi trailers if you needed.

We have professional engineers team, they know the African bad road conditions very well, they will design the dump trailers to meet your actual transport demand.

Dump Trailer
Howo trucks with 3 axles dump semi trailers

1.2Can Fudeng dump semi trailer be custom-made?

Yes,Fudeng dump semi trailers are custom-made according to customers request,You can tell us your transport demand, and you want to transport which kinds of goods.We have the different volume to meet your demand, such as 20cubic meters,25cubic meters,30cubic meters,35cubic meters,45cubic meters and so on.

You place the order, Before production,our factory engineers departments will design the drawings and confirm the details with you.

2.Difference Types of FUDENG dump semi trailers for sale

1.1Rear dump semi trailers

The rear tipping dump truck is a new type of semi-trailer dump truck. It has the characteristics of low center of gravity and easy to overturn when lifted. The frame and carriage have obtained national patents, and the frame is made of 16 manganese beam plates, which greatly increases the bearing strength. The center of gravity is reduced to 1.3 meters to 1.4 meters, and it is not easy to roll over during transportation, and the damage to the tires, leaf springs and frame is greatly reduced.
The carriage adopts the pattern of narrow front and wide rear. According to the principle of triangle, when the carriage is lifted, its center of gravity is relatively concentrated. When the corners of the carriages are inclined to a certain angle, the corners of the large box are perpendicular to the ground, and the two sides of the bottom line are different from each other. 10 cm, that is, the large box will not roll over. The narrow front and rear design of the large box is more conducive to the self-unloading of the goods, and it is not easy to block, and the goods slide down evenly, so that one side will not fall down, and one side will not fall down, so the car will not roll over.
The oil cylinder of the dump semi trailers is customized from a large manufacturer, and its material strength is different from that of ordinary oil cylinders, and the warranty is one year.
The rear side panel of the trailers is locked by a mechanical device. When unloading, the lock hook and the rear side plate are automatically opened to avoid blocking during unloading, especially when unloading stones, the rear side plate will not be hit, reducing the loss to the vehicle.
The maximum cargo volume of this truck can reach 45 cubic meters (non-standard 65 cubic meters), and the weight can reach 80T-100T, which greatly improves the work efficiency. square). The lifespan of the first four and the eighth frame is not enough for three years, and the frame that turns after ten meters is no problem for ten years, because its structure is different.

Dump Trailer
5 axles 45cubic 120tons dump trailers

1.2 Side tipper semi trailers

The frame of the side tipper semi-trailer has a sub-frame on the flat road. The load on the frame is the same as that of the ordinary van, but the load on the frame is uneven when it rolls over. Ordinary cars are higher. Second, the goods pulled by the rollover self-unloading semi-trailer are generally heavy goods such as steel, stones, and coal blocks, which also have high requirements on the bearing capacity of the beam.
If you want to transport 20ft&40ft containers, we also can add the container locks on trailers,Multi-purpose semi-trailers are gaining popularity in Africa

3.Lifting weight test of FUDENG dump semi trailers

Our factory dump semi trailers with Good quality Hydraulic cylinder,we have good chinese brand and Hyva brand cylinders. Our cylinders with PTO,if you also buy tractor trucks together, we will add PTO on your trucks directly and connect trucks and dump trailers together to do the lifting test. We will confirm truck and trailers match and working well. If you have your own tractor heads now, we will put PTO in dump semi trailers bucket, you can fix it on your trucks by yourself, we will provide you the Technical support at any time

dump trailer

4.FUDENG dump semi trailers specs, payload, drawing

Our factory engineers departments have the professional experience on dumper semi trailers,Our engineers are very aware of the standards and road conditions of each country in Africa, so as to meet the transportation needs of each customer. Before starting production, our engineers will design drawings and confirm the details with each customer, and then arrange production. To ensure that every customer can meet the transportation needs after receiving the dump trailers.

Dump semi trailers specifications:

Dimensions:9600mmx2500mmx3700mm Or customized


Cylinder:Hyva brand hydraulic cylinder

Bucket:30cubic meter or customized

Axles:3 axles,4 axles,5 axles

Payload:40-100tons or customized

Suspensions:Heavy duty spring suspensions

Landing gear:JOST brand 28tons



tipper trailer
Fudeng 3 axles rear dump semi trailers design drawings
tipper trailer
Fudeng 3 axles side tipper semi trailers design drawings

5.Shipping method of FUDENG dump trailer

Normally shipping dump semi trailers by bulk ships or ro/ro ships, also can load by flat rack container. We have the several professional shipping company can provide the good solutions to save the costs.
Consider to save your sea freight,We also can shipping dump trailers by one 40ft containers.

dump trailer

5.1 How to avoid dump trailers from corroded by seawater?

Before shipping,We will spray wax to prevent rust during shipping.

tipper trailer

5.2 How many days can you receive your dump semi trailers?

Our factory production time is 20work days after received your 30% deposit, Under normal circumstances, it takes about 30 days to reach ports in Central Africa such as Dar es Salaam and Mombasa, and about 45-50 days to ports in West Africa such as Ghana and Tema. If you want to know how long it will take to arrive at your port, before shipping, we will communicate with the shipping company and inform you.

6.Client visit and feedback for FUDENG dump semi trailersd trailer

Tipper trailer

Fudeng dump semi trailers hot sale in African market such as Ghana,Uganda,Guinea,Tanzania,Kenya,Burkina Faso,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Liberia and so on.And it has won unanimous praise from customers.

7.Guideline of buying FUDENG dump semi trailers from China

  1. Firstly,You need to inform our sales that your details requirements,Then our sales will give you the good advice,Then you can confirm the specifications and prices.
  2. Secondly,We will send you the proforma invoice with details and our bank account information,Then you can pay the 30% deposit to our bank account.
  3. Thirdly,we will arrange the production once received your deposit.And before production,will make the design drawings and confirm the details with you.
  4. Fourth,After production is finished,we will send you the pictures or video to check, if everythings are okay,you can pay the balance.then we will arrange shipping as soon as possible
  5. Fifth,We will update you the shipping progress and arrival time. And send you the B/L documents in time, then you can prepare the custom clearance.