fence cargo trailer-FUDENG 3/4 axles 40/50/60/ton fence cargo trailer for sale

Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

1.About FUDENG fence cargo trailer

Multi-functional design can meet customers’ different transportation needs. Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., Ltd. always adhere to continuous innovation, customer demand first.

Our fence cargo trailer have detachable fences and side wall designed to make it easier for customers to unload bagged cargo and other bulk cement cargo, remove fences, and trailer designs include container locks that can be used as flat trailers to transport 20 ‘and 40’ containers.

We provide custom service, our fence height can be designed according to customer transportation needs, you can also choose double fence or single fence design. Payload capacities range from 40 to 60 tons for your choice

2.FUDENG bulk fence cargo trailer specification

FUDENG 3/4 axles 50/60/80 ton fence cargo trailer for sale

Dimension:12.5m×2.5m×3.2m (Outside)


Sidewall & Fence Height:About 1.6m and Customized

Twist lock:12 units (Optional)

Main beam:Q345B carbon steel “H” beam

Frame Floor:The thickness is 3mm pattern

Axle:3 axles, 13tons FUWA / BPW brand

Landing Gear:JOST brand 28T lifting capacity

King Pin:2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin

Suspension:Mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring:90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer

Tire:12R22.5, 13R22.5, 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5 optional

Accessories:One standard tool box

fence cargo trailer (3)
FUDENG 4 axles fence cargo trailer
fence cargo trailer
FUDENG 3axles fence cargo trailer

3.FUDENG fence board cargo trailer advantages

  1. Main girder: The main girder of guardrail cargo semi-trailer should pay attention to whether the thickness meets international standards.
    Fence Cargo trailer girder is 14/8/16mm standard. The steel plate of guardrail truck and trailer in the middle of the beam is MADE of Q345B manganese steel with a thickness of 8mm. Many unreliable suppliers will use 6mm main beams to save costs. But carrying capacity fell by 26 percent.
  2. Stake style: Fence type goods trailer semi trailer total height, the total height of the stake type trailer is 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters.
    You can customize the height and style of the fence trailer.
  3. Side wall: The common height of the side door is 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm. The side door of fence semi trailer adopts vertical corrugated structure.The door frame is 40x60mm rectangular steel tube.Bottom floor:Many 3 axle fence semi trailer are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items.The bottom plate of the Titan fence drop side trailer passes the international standard 3mm thick checkered plate. If it is replaced with a 2mm thick pattern plate or a 2.5mm bottom plate. Cost can be reduced by $700.
fence cargo trailer
FUDENG 3 axles 60ton fence cargo trailer for sale
  1. Suspension of fence cargo trailer:Fudeng 60-80 tons fence cargo semi trailer suspension adopts special high-strength steel. 6mm thickness. stake semi trailer Center pin diameter is 70mm.Stronger than suspensions in many factories.
  2. BottomFloor: Many three-axle fence semi-trailers are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items. Titan livestockside trailer bottom plate adopts international standard 3mm thick grating. If you replace it with a 2mm thick template plate or a 2.5mm thick bottom plate. Costs can be reduced.
  3. Fence semi-trailer suspension: Fudeng60-80 ton fence cargo semi-trailer suspension adopts special high-strength steel. 6mm thickness. The center pin diameter is 70mm. More forceful than the shutdown of many factories.
  4. The 10-year service life of FUDENG Brand trailer brakes for bulk cargo transportation can reach 1.5 million kilometers. The brake disc contains alloy elements, which are resistant to cracking, wear and high temperature.
  5. The livestock trailer adopts a new type of suspension system, which has high strength and strong impact resistance. The load of each axle is balanced, and the angle design of the system rod is reasonable, which reduces the friction and slip distance between the tire and the ground, and effectively reduces the wear of the tire during frequent bumps.
FUDENG fence cargo semi trailer details

4.FUDENG Cargo trailer,another type bulk cargo trailer

The van is designed and built in such a way that the temperature of the cabin remains stable. This is a livestock trailer when you are transporting animals that require close care and attention, especially in environmental conditions.

It helps keep the animal healthy and free from any disease. This is a livestock trailer if you handle and transport highly profitable animals.

The dry van semi-trailer is designed to transport the most versatile dry products due to the full.

The enclosed nature of the trailer protects the cargo from various elements. Palletized

Products are the most common as they can be efficiently and safely loaded/unloaded by a forklift or Pallet cranes on the dock.