Dropside trailer-FUDENG 50/60/80 ton sidewall semi trailer for sale

Dropside trailer

1.About FUDENG Dropside trailer

dropside trailer are versatile open trailers used to transport a wide range of products and materials. Also known as drop side trailer,sidewall trailer, some common products they use to tow: Flat steel, Coiled steel, Channel steel, Rebar, Timber, Pipe, Precast Concrete, Building Materials and Containers etc.

FUDENG Brand dropside  trailer can be customized according to your demand,we can do 2/3/4 axles bulk cargo trailer to transport 20tons~100tons is no problem,we aslo have superlink cargo trailer for your transport need to design.

dropside trailer
FUDENG Dropside trailer for sale

Unlike flatbed or low boy trailers, dropside trailer can be used to transport a wide variety of objects, from boxes to bulk cargo. The side panels can be opened for easier unloading. This product is widely used by transportation companies in the logistics industry. Dropside trailer panel shape can be customized. There is also a small model of this trailer that can be used at home, towed by a pickup truck or car. The side panels are corrugated panels, as this type of steel is relatively strong and produced using bending techniques.

2.FUDENG Dropside trailer specification

Dimension:12.5m×2.5m×(1.65+1m) Or customized

Payload:60T or customized

Tare weight:About 7.5T

Twist lock:12 units THT Type or customized semi trailers

Main beam:Q345B carbon steel “I” beam

Frame Floor:The thickness is 3mm pattern or customized

Axle:3 axles, 13tons BPW/FUWA/F1 brand or 14tons Jinsheng

Landing Gear:JOST brand 28T lifting capacity Or Optional

King Pin:2.0 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin

Suspension:Mechanical suspension Or Air suspension

Leaf Spring:90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer thicken type

Tire:12R22.5, 13R22.5, 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5 optional

Accessories:one standard tool box


dropside trailer
FUDENG 3axles 60ton side wall semi trailer for sale

3.FUDENG side board trailer’s Features and Advantages

1.The main parts of the trailer are processed with advanced equipment. Longitudinal beams are completed by an automatic tracking submerged arc welder; all components are shot peened to improve paint adhesion and painted prior to assembly.

2.In order to ensure the best structure for cargo handling and larger loads, the chassis is manufactured as a space frame structure of high-strength steel, high tensile Q345Bsteel welded longitudinal beams and integrated transverse beams.

3.The domestic and imported high-performance axles are used, and the ABS system is optional, which greatly improves the driving safety.

4.The high-strength shock-resistant new suspension adopts the patented connecting rod connection design. In rough road conditions, it can guarantee better performance and longer service life.

5.Sidewall trailers are your ideal multi-purpose solution for a wide range of applications including cement bags, agricultural bags, tiles, big bags, steel coils, pet coke and more.

6.Its higher payload carrying capacity, better mileage and the availability of different product variants to meet the needs of different customers. Longer tire life, higher fuel efficiency, and less maintenance costs bring you higher revenue and lower operating costs, greatly increasing your overall profits.

7.Capable of carrying heavy loads with maximum ease and an OEM-guaranteed body warranty, sidewall trailers are ideal for your business.


Details of FUDENG side board trailer

  1. Protection device: The trailer protection device consists of a side protection device and a rear protection device to protect pedestrians and other vehicles from being blocked under the side panels of the cargo semi-trailer. It also reduces wind resistance and saves fuel.
  2. High side wall: The side wall is divided into flat and vertical corrugated cardboard. Vertical corrugated cardboard is a typical cardboard, and the strength will be higher. Can be detached or welded to death.
  3. Sidewall semi-trailer frame: The frame is a space frame type low alloy steel welded structure. The frame is welded from two T-shaped longitudinal beams and beams to support the load. A traction pin and a traction pin plate are arranged under the front part of the frame, and the traction pin plate is connected with the tractor.
  4. Traction king pin: The traction pin is an important part that connects the high-side trailer and the tractor and bears the traction, and is connected to the traction seat. It is usually forged from chrome alloy steel.

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