What Are The Common Semi Trailer Parts?

semi trailer parts

What Are The Common Semi Trailer Parts?

Semi trailer is a common vehicle that we often see on the road. So do you know what are the common semi trailer parts? Commonly used semi trailer parts are: axles, suspensions, leaf springs, outriggers, potentials, air reservoirs, steel rings, tires, relay valves, rope tensioners, spare tire lifters, tie rods, traction pins, lights and many more.

semi trailer parts

Trailer brake chamber classification:

semi trailer parts

The trailer brake air chamber is divided into a single air chamber and a double air chamber, which can also be said to be a single chamber air chamber and a double chamber air chamber. The connection and difference between double air chamber and single air chamber:

1.The service brake chamber of the doublechamber brake air chamber of the braking system is actuated by the air pressure acting on the diaphragm to push the push rod, and the parking chamber is acted by the compression spring pushing the push rod.

2. The choice of singlechamber air chamber and doublechamber air chamber is determined by whether the axle is equipped with a parking brake. The parking brake of the air brake system is realized by the compression spring of the dual chamber air chamber, that is, It is said that only the dual chamber air chamber can achieve the parking brake. The single chamber brake air chamber has only a service brake chamber and cannot realize parking braking.

3. From the point of view of safety, the vehicle with the air brake system needs both the service brake and the parking brake, so the car must be equipped with a doublechamber air chamber, but it is not necessary to install a doublechamber air chamber on each bridge to meet the parking requirements. The requirements of car braking, so some bridges are equipped with single chamber air chambers.

Classification of trailer fifth wheel:

semi trailer parts

Trailer fifth wheel is divided into 50# and 90#, which are classified according to the equipped King pin, and divided into single pendulum and double pendulum fifth wheel. The traction seat, the fifth wheel, can swing back and forth as well as left and right.

Semi trailer fifth wheel assembly requirements:

1.Set lubricating points for moving parts as needed, and add enough grease to the oil cup;

2. The movement should be flexible, and there should be no looseness, blockage, or stuck phenomenon;

3. The operating force of the pull rod should be no more than 450N for No. 50 traction seat, and no more than 550N for No. 90 traction seat;

4. The lock hook and the traction pin should be able to be reliably and automatically combined and locked automatically, the matching clearance should be adjustable, and the adjustment mechanism should be able to lock and insure.

Trailer King pin:

semi trailer parts

King pin is an important connecting component that connects the semi trailer and the tractor and bears the traction force. When the vehicle starts, brakes or drives on the slope, the impact force it is subjected to is greater, so it must have sufficient strength and toughness At the same time, because the King pin and fifth wheel often impact each other and produce relative movement, the connecting surface needs to be wear resistant, so it must have high hardness. Therefore, King pins are usually forged with l8CrMnTi alloy structural steel, and then carburized and quenched to make the core tough and the surface hard. Due to the importance of this part, it must be inspected one by one, and no cracks and manufacturing defects are allowed. There are welding type and bolt connection type for King pin to connect semi trailer. The bolt connection structure is very convenient for replacing worn or damaged King pins, and it is also convenient for replacing traction pins of different specifications. The bolt connection adopts high strength bolts, and the tightening torque is 130Nm.

Semi trailer suspension classification:

semi trailer parts

Semi trailer suspension is divided into mechanical suspension and air suspension.

The role of trailer suspension:

The semi trailer suspension usually adopts a series balanced leaf spring and is fastened on the axle body with U bolts, that is, a mechanical suspension. It withstands vertical forces and absorbs shocks. The force in the horizontal direction is transmitted by the bracket and the connecting rod. Since the balance beam can swing within a certain range, when the vehicle group passes through the uneven road, the load of the rear axle can be balanced within a certain range. The material of the leaf spring suspended by the trailer is 60si2mn, and the number of steel plates for the suspension leaf spring is generally 8 pieces, 10 pieces and 13 pieces, or can have different pieces according to customer requirements.

The above is the introduction of common semi trailer parts, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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