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1. About Fudeng Low Bed Trailer

Fudeng Low bed trailer are designed for transport heavy

machines such as CAT excavators,wheel loaders, graders,heavy mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and heavy crane trucks and other heavy-duty goods such as Generators, drill bits, etc..

Our factory Fudeng Low bed trailer are sold well in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Liberia, Benin, Zambia, Argentina, Chile, Philippines, Vietnam and other countries.And received unanimous praise from customers of low bed trailers for sale.

The low bed trailer structure usually adopts a heavy duty main beam. The lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, and the stronger the ability to transport heavy equipments. The front section of the frame is a gooseneck (the traction pin in the front section of the gooseneck is connected to the traction saddle on the tractor, and the rear end of the gooseneck is connected to the low bed semi main beam) middle working platform (the lowest part of the frame), the rear end is the wheel frame (including tires).


You can check our factory different types of lowbed trailer through this video below, like 2 axle low bed truck trailer, 3 axle low bed semi trailer, 4 axle low loader for sale in kenya, hydraulic ladder lowbed semi trailer, 150 ton trailer, 100t lowbed for sale in Nigeria, etc.

We have been sending customers high-quality low bed trailers, and have won unanimous praise from customers, and have developed and accumulated a large number of high-quality customers.


1.1How many Tons a FUDENG lowbed trailer carry?

Fudeng lowbed trailer can carry 40-300tons,It is according to customers actual transport demand.Our 3 axles low bed semi trailer can transport 40tons,50tons,60tons,70tons,80tons. 4 axles lowbed trailer can carry 80-100tons,We also have 120-150tons detachable gooseneck lowbed and 150-300tons Dual lane axles lowbed trailers

You can tell us you want to carry how many tons, our professional engineers departments will design the correct low bed semi trailers for you.


1.2Why customers say FUDENG lowboy trailers very Strong?

Fudeng Low loader Trailer main beam adopts HG60 and 550D High Strength Steel Material

HG 60 steel has high yield strength, more durable and stronger than ordinary steel, and its loading capacity is 5 times more than the low loader which is built by Q345 steel. – Each ton of HG60 high strength steel costs double the price of ordinary Q345 steel material, ensuring that our Fudeng low loader trailer will have a long service life and to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.
Other factories low loader trailer:

The yield strength of Q345 steel is just 345Mpa, so it can not meet the high loading capacity requirements such as 100tons and 120tons and more, and the main beam of the heavy haul trailer would be broken when the excavator and wheel loader trailer is overloading on the bad road.
Q345B steel is low-cost steel, with short service life, increase maintenance costs and also can not meet load requirements on African bad road conditions when heavy load.


1.3Can Fudeng lowbed truck trailer be custom-made?

Yes,Fudeng low bed trailer are custom-made according to customers request,You can tell us your transport demand, and you want to transport which kinds of heavy machines such as Excavators, loaders, mining machinery, graders, harvesters, industrial and mining vehicles, forklifts, concrete machinery, road rollers.We have the different dimensions to meet your demand, such as 13m length、14m length、15m length、16m、17m、18m,2.6m width、3m width、3.5m width and so on.

You place the order, our engineers departments will design the drawings and confirm the details with you.

2.Difference Types of FUDENG low bed trailers for sale

2.1 40 Tons up to 80t low loader trailer

Fudeng 40-80tons low bed trailer are the normal type lowbed which are popular,customers always choose the 3 axles lowbed, some customers also choose the 4 axles. It with spring or hydraulic ladders,Low bed can transport 20-80tons heavy duty equipments:CAT or Sany or other brand Excavators, loaders, mining machinery, graders, harvesters.Our engineers will design your low bed trailers according to your requirements, such as the thickening of the I-shaped main beam and spring suspension, to ensure the safety of transportation.

2.2 80 Ton to 120 tons lowbed semi trailers

80-120tons low bed trailer design for transport heavy loading equipments.with a high loading capacity.This type of low bed trailer is almost a normal type low bed, usually used for those countries which don’t have the special requirements on the axles load weight and the off-road working environment.

2.3 Detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

Fudeng detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers are design to transport the large and high equipment which normal lowbed can not transport,Such as the big crane trucks and high generators and other equipment.The height of the middle working platform is very low, and the height of the working platform is only 0.8 meters above the ground, which can lower the center of gravity to ensure the transportation safety of large equipment.We have Fudeng 3 axles 80tons-100tons detachable lowbed and 4 axles&5 axles 100-130tons lowbed, also have the heavy duty 3line 6 axles 150tons front loading lowbed trailers.


2.4 Dual lane axles semi lowbed trailer

Dual lane axles lowbed trailer with the short axles,each line have two axles with 8pcs good brand tires and rims.This dual lane axles lowbed design for transport the very heavy equipments such as the Large loaders or generators or bridge structures, etc.

We have two types of working platform. One is a vertical structure. The height of the working platform is level with the tires. This can make full use of the rear tire space and effectively increase the length of the working platform. Some take into account the lowering of the center of gravity during transportation, and the other is the recessed working platform, where the height of the working platform is lower than that of the rear tires.

2.5 Multiple axles low loader trailer

Multiple axles low bed trailer have the at least 5 axles and more,Some countries may consider the reason for the weight limit of a single axle. For example, in Kenya, Vietnam and other countries, one axle restricts the transportation of 10 tons. If you want to transport more weight goods, you can only increase the axle to reduce the empty load. Tire wear and easy turning, etc., generally use air suspension to lift and hydraulic follow-up steering axles.

3.Loading weight test of FUDENG lowbed truck trailer

Before each shipment, we will do a load test for each lowbed trailer. The safety of lowbed transportation is very important. We have always made strong and heavy-duty low bed semi trailers for customers to ensure the safety of transportation. Our technical department will observe the test results of each low lowbed trailers during the test to ensure that the customer has no problems when using our lowbed trailers.


4.FUDENG low bed trailer specs, payload, drawing

Our factory engineers departments have the professional experience on low bed semi trailers,Our engineers are very aware of the standards and road conditions of each country in Africa, so as to meet the transportation needs of each customer. Before starting production, our engineers will design drawings and confirm the details with each customer, and then arrange production. To ensure that every customer can meet the transportation needs after receiving the low bed trailers.

Low bed semi trailer specifications:

Dimensions:13000mmx3000mmx3800mm Or customized


Axles:3 axles,4 axles,5 axles

Payload:40-80tons or customized

Suspensions:Heavy duty spring suspensions

Landing gear:JOST brand 28tons





More low bed trailers design drawings


5.Why choose FUDENG low bed trailers

Fudeng low bed semi trailers used the high strength steel HG60 to make the lowbed body very strong and durable,Thickened main beam and front gooseneck ensure heavier loads for transporting large machinery and equipments.
We used heavy duty axles and spring suspensions on low bed semi trailers. They are special customized for African market.
In order to facilitate the large machinery to climb on the low bed trailers, the rear ladder is lengthened and widened, so that the angle between the low plate ladder and the ground is the lowest.One person can easily operate, safe and labor-saving
We both have the spring ladder and hydraulic ladder

Fudeng low bed semi trailers with 4mm-6mm thick patterned anti-skid bottom plate to ensure the safety of cargo transportation.

Sometimes the lowbed standard width is 3m,But if you want to transport 3.5 or 3.6m width machines,You will need the Width extension steel device.Normally do the 0.25 or 0.3m width extension on both sides.

If you need it, we will add it on your low bed semi trailers.

We can manufacture low bed trailers according to customers requirements such as dimensions and payload.Normally customers need 13m/14m/15/16m/17m low bed trailers, if you want other length and width,it is no problem


6. Production steps of FUDENG lowboy trailers

1.Stage of cutting steel sheet material
2.Submerged arc welding beams, beams fixed
3.Opening, calibration beam, through beam
4.Connect side beams, welding king pins
5.Attach the front neck
6.Lay the bottom plate
7.Frosted and painted

7.Shipping method of FUDENG lowbed trailer

Normally shipping low bed trailers by bulk ships or ro/ro ships. We have the several professional shipping company can provide the good solutions.

Consider to save your sea freight, we will stack two or three as one package to shipping together,Then reinforced with steel wire rope to ensure the safety of transportation

Before shipping,We will spray wax to prevent rust during avoid lowbed trailers from corroded by seawater


8.Client visit and feedback for FUDENG low deck trailer

Fudeng lowbed trailers hot sale in African market such as Ghana,Uganda,Guinea,Tanzania,Kenya,Burkina Faso,Zimbabwe,Mozambique and so on.And it has won unanimous praise from customers. Below are some feedback photos of customers during use.


9. Guideline of buying FUDENG lowbed trailers from China

Firstly,You need to inform our sales that your details requirements,Then our sales will give you the good advice,Then you can confirm the specifications and prices.
Secondly,We will send you the proforma invoice with details and our bank account information,Then you can pay the 30% deposit to our bank account.
Thirdly,we will arrange the production once received your deposit.And before production,will make the design drawings and confirm the details with you.
Fourth,After production is finished,we will send you the pictures or video to check, if everythings are okay,you can pay the balance.then we will arrange shipping as soon as possible
Fifth,We will update you the shipping progress and arrival time. And send you the B/L documents in time, then you can prepare the custom clearance.