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Aluminium Fuel Tanker

1. About FUDENG Fuel Tanker Trailer

FUDENG fuel tanker trailer with leading design and production management concept as well as multiple advanced production lines. We tanker trailer factory allow produce 300 units fuel tanker trailer for sale monthly to supply domestic and overseas large orders. As China top largest fuel tanker trailers manufacturer we can produce Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Steel fuel tanker trailer and Stainless Steel tanker trailers for sale. By build the most durable and strong diesel tanker trailer, especially for Africa Market which need to consider the road conditions. The diesel tanker trailer we produce with good pressure-bearing, anti-distortion, anti-vibration and explosion-proof performance make your oil tanker trailers much safety and more beneficial.


1-1. How Many Litres In A Fuel Tanker?

Petrol tanker capacity: Fuel tanker trailer have variety capacities for your choices cause we design and produce your tanker trailers customized. We can supply you 40k diesel tankers for sale, 42k fuel tanker semi trailer, 45k petrol tank trailer, 50k oil tanker trailer, 60k heavy fuel tanker trailer etc to carry 40 000 litres, 45000 liters, 54000l as well as 60000 ltrs up to 90000 liters of petrol liquid. Popular fudeng fuel tanker trailere have 40 cubic fuel transport trailer, 42 cubics diesel tanker trailer, 50 cubics fuel semi trailer and so on.


1-2. How much does a fuel tanker trailer weigh empty?

There are strict production processes and standards on every tanker trailer produced by FUDENG. Due to different road conditions, transportation volume and local regulations on the weight, capacity, axles, etc. of oil tankers, different customers have special requirements for oil tankers.

For example, aluminum tanker trailers in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, Kenya and fuel tankers for sale in south africa, due to the weight limit regulations, customers prefer lighter tanker trailers, so lighter tanker trailers can transport more fuel at one time to reduce running costs cost. In this case, we provide customers with aluminum fuel trailers with a net weight of about 7 tons to ensure that the quality of the fuel tanker trailers sold is still strong in daily long-distance transportation.


As for other customers they like steel fuel tanker trailer we also take the quality and safety at priorty to build heavy duty gas tanker trailer with thicker steel plate on tanker upper and bottom body, and thicker front and end.

1-3. Types Of Tank Trailers

Different types of tankers are available for the type of liquids transported. We sell various types of tankers: fuel trailer for sale, water tanker for sale, diesel tanker for sale, gas tanker for sale, fuel tanker for sale and other trailers.

Diesel Tanker Trailer For Sale

The diesel tanker trailer for sale is very popular in South Africa. Because our tanker trailers for sale in south africa are of good quality, especially the oval diesel tanker trailer, which can effectively reduce and disperse the pressure of the liquid on the wall of the diesel tanker trailer.

At the same time, it is beneficial to reduce the wall thickness and reduce the weight of the entire diesel tanker trailer.

In terms of driving safety, it is also good to improve the balance of diesel tanker trailer during driving.
In addition, the diesel tanker trailer for sale is equipped with a breakwater plate inside to prevent the liquid from shaking back and forth during driving, affecting the balance of the semi-trailer.



Water Tank Trailer For Sale

The water tank trailer will produce certain jitter and mechanical vibration during driving. It will cause the liquid to slosh and impact the inner wall of the tank. Buy a round water tank trailer, which can distribute the shock generated by the vibration evenly to the tank wall along the circumference of the tank. Excessive stress concentrations will not occur. Effectively prevent the tanker trailer from breaking due to excessive internal stress caused by the thermal expansion of the liquid.

The water tank trailer tank body is round. The surface area is small, the volumetric efficiency is the highest, the tensile stress in the container wall is small, and the rigidity is good. Especially suitable for high pressure tanks, with good manufacturability.


Fuel Tanker For Sale In Zimbabwe

The rectangular-round tank of the same dimensions can carry the most fuel oil at one time. Mostly for the large volume fuel tanker trailers options, such as 54000 liters 60 000 liters 65000 liters 70 000 liters 75 000 liters or above. For such large volume transit on road, to make sure the fuel tanker trailer and truck total lenght will not too long which not good for turning directions, will choose to build the large fuel tanker trailer body with rectangular-round shape. Another reason that customers choose rectangular-round storage tanker trailers because can save lots of sea freight cost when do shipping.

Truck Trailers For Sale in Zimbabwe


LPG tank trailer

The most common in LPG trailers.Since liquid LPG is a pressure vessel, the pressure requirement is higher than that of oil transportation.

The cross-sectional shape of the tank body of a fuel tanker is an important measure to reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle. According to the overall layout of the vehicle, the coordination of the shape, the height of the center of mass, and the types of items to be transported, the best cross-sectional shape suitable for a certain fuel tank truck should be selected.

2. Fuel tank trailer specs, capacity, carrying liquid, drawing

Africa popular 3 axle 45000liters fuel tanker trailer for sale

Fuel tanker trailer design:

Tanker Trailer Dimensions: 11800mm*2500mm*3650mm (the final size depends on the confirmed design)

Fuel Tank Trailer Capacity: 45000liters

Medium: transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline, Petroluem, Crude Oil, Palm Oil

Tanker body:

Material: Carbon steel / Aluminium alloy / Stainless steel options

Tank body and breakwater plate: 6mm

Compartments: 5 or 6 compartments (based on customer request)

Manhole cover: Carton steel or Aluminum alloy manhole cover 500mm (diameter), with breather valve

Discharge valve: API bottom off loading 3 or 4 inch, also can bottom loading

Bottom valve: Aluminum API Pneumatic Safety Valve emergency valves

Tanker body test: Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment


Axles: 3 units, L1/BPW/FUWA/other

Landing Gear: JOST/FUWA/SAF Holland brand

King Pin: 50# or 90#(bolted or welded type)

Suspension: Mechanical suspension and airbag suspension, or bogie suspension option

Brake System: WABCO

Tire: 12R22.5 double tyre/385.65R22.5 super single tyre/315.80R22.5 double tyre brand can be optional


Fire extinguishers, two spare tyre carries, tool box, valve box, anti-dust API valves cover, discharging tubes so on

Oil Tanker For Sale


3. Advantages Of Fudeng Tanker Trailer

3-1. Fudeng Fuel Trailers For Sale: Fast Unloading, Saving Time

According to the total volume and the number of compartments, as well as the position and volume of each bin, the sedimentation cup and diversion groove are designed. The professional design ensures fast oil unloading speed and improves work efficiency while also ensuring

The oil residue is the least, and the benefit is maximized.


3-2. FUDENG fuel tanker trailer Less Oil Residual, less business running cost

After years of research and customer survey feedback, our designers have mastered the design of the sedimentation cup, the diversion tank and the submarine valve for different volumes, different sub-bins and positions. According to the characteristics of the oil, the precise angle design and Welding ensures that the oil in each bin can have the least residual quantity when unloading, so as to ensure the minimum residual quantity in the bin after every time the oil is transported and unloaded.


3-3. Never oil leakage of FUDENG oil tanker trailer

No oil will be spilled between each bin. This is because FUDENG fuel tanker trailer use double-sided welding instead of single-sided welding for each compartment plate. Double-sided welding can not only reduce the probability of welding seams during use, but also make the bulkhead have better support for the tank body through double-sided welding.

Use the best quality airtight parts for the connection between the oil unloading pipeline and the subsea valve to ensure the tightness.

3-4. Lighter tare weight allow transit more fuel oil once to increase benefit

Using high-quality plates from well-known domestic aluminum factories, through the grasp of the shape, using thin aluminum materials under the premise of ensuring the quality of the fuel tanker trailer, there is no redundant design, and the weight of the whole vehicle is only about 7 tons. The lighter the quality, the more oil can be pulled in a single time, the more profits can be generated in a single time, and the more economical it is.

3-5. Why customers saying FUDENG fuel tankers very safe?

Fudeng has exported fuel tanker trailer for more than ten years and more than 10,000 tanker trucks are driving on highways in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. Customers’ feedback has always been that it’s safe and fast to unload oil, and they pull more oil than other oil tanks, which can generate a lot of profits in one year. After our analysis is mainly due to the following points:
Fudeng fuel tanker trailer fuel tanks are all made of the best domestic subsea valve brands:
Use European standard manhole cover: explosion-proof and flame-proof function, and equipped with breathing valve, can maintain the pressure balance inside and outside the tank
Double-sided welding of compartments: Double-sided welding of compartment plates makes our fuel tanker trailer never have oil leakage in each compartment. Although double-sided welding consumes man-hours, labor and cost, we have always insisted on adding this link for the sake of quality and safety and ease of use for customers.
Shape design Good pressure-bearing: The rolled-up shape of the oil tank is a test of the strength of a factory. After more than 20 years of experience accumulation, technological advancement and equipment update, our factory has the most advanced fuel tanker trailer production line in China. According to computer calculations, we use large-scale crimping equipment for crimping and forming, one-time welding and forming, no missing welds, and no When the welding height is insufficient or uneven, the pressure can be well dispersed when the liquid in the oil tank flows back and forth during the forming process.
One-time hydraulic expansion of the head has a long service life: the head is successfully swelled by water pressure at one time, and the swelling angle cannot be achieved manually, and it is also calculated by computer.

3-6. FUDENG can produce custom-made diesel tanker trailer for sale for your options

Different customers have various demands for their oil tanker trailers. Fudeng can produce per each customer special need on the petrol tanker trailers.
Such as some customers they request for different compartments for their transit business. We can produce one single compartments, 2 compartmetns, 3 comparments, 4 compartments, 5 compartments, 6 compartments, 7 compartments, 8 compartments etc up to 12 compartments no problem.5 compartment fuel tankers for sale.
And some client they like the petroleum tanker body shape is oval like egg by this way can lower the fuel tanker truck trailer center gravity to increase the safety of oil tanker semi trailer. Some customers like the round type because the stress distributated well by this design.
Fudeng can build round / over etc diffrent shapes. About the axles we also have different options good quality axle FUWA axles, L1 axles, BPW axles with differ prices. Both mechanical leaf spring suspension and airbag suspension available, mechanical spring suspension fuel oil tanker trailer the cost lower than air suspension oil fuel tanker trailer because airbag suspension is lighter in tare weight which more popular in Zimbabwe etc weight limited country, but because leaf spring suspension cheaper and quality solid other Africa countries customers like Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso etc more like mechanical leaf spring suspension semi fuel tanker trailer for sale.
Except for above Fudeng also supply painting company name and logo service and color painting per guest need. As well as the rear design, armrest design etc accessories with extinguishers and box, with anti-dust API valves cover details service.

4. Production steps of FUDENG fuel tanker trailer

4-1. What we have done for a Fudeng fuel tanker trailer, from parts to your working fuel tankers?

Tank trailers for sale are mainly composed of a chassis and a tank body. At present, the commonly used tank body materials are mainly carbon steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. In addition to the material of a good tank truck body, another very important factor is the production process. This is why the same configuration, the same tank material, but fuel tanker trailer for sale the price is different, as a manufacturer of fuel tanker trailer, let’s take a look at how aluminum alloy tanks are made.

Step 1. Prepare raw aluminium material
The tank body is made of 5182 aluminum alloy, and the aluminum plate is cut into a size that meets the national announcement standard by a plasma cutting machine

Step 2. Rolling tanker body
The fuel tanker trailer for sale aluminum alloy cylinder is made of 6mm thick material. After the aluminum alloy plate is cut to standard size, it needs to be coiled. The multiple aluminum alloy plates are connected together by the can coiling machine and fixed by double-sided welding.

Step 3. Prepare front and end shell
The trailer tankers for sale requirements for the head are relatively high. We use a plasma cutting machine to cut into the shape required by the drawing, and then shape the shape by a hydraulic bulge machine, and form it at one time. Finally, the edge of the head is made into about 6cm by a screwing machine deep side.

Step 4. Produce wave plate
The production of the anti-wave board and the head is somewhat similar. According to the drawings, the plasma cutting machine and the edge machine are used to make the required shape. The difference is that there are multiple manholes of different sizes cut on the surface of the anti-wave board, which are arranged in a staggered manner.

Step 5. Welding the storage tanker body
The tank body of the oil tanker is fixed and changed to an appropriate angle through a rotating machine, and the machine is automatically welded, and double-sided welding is adopted. Through electric control, remote monitoring is used to avoid missing welding.

Step 6. Install toolboxes, protective fences, etc. to form a complete vehicle.


4-2. Fuel trailers for sale undergo quality testing

Gas tanker for sale water injection experiment: To ensure the high seal of tank body and avoid the leaks oil.

Milk tanker trailer air pressure detection: To ensure that the oil and gas will not volatilize under high temperature, and to ensure the safety of the fuel transport trailers for sale while driving and parking.

After the production of the gasoline tank for sale is completed, it must be inspected in the inspection room to check whether the water tank trailer has defects and impurities, to prevent potential safety hazards.

5. Shipping solutions of FUDENG diesel tanker trailer

How does Fudeng deliver the sold fuel tanker trailer to customers??

Fuel tanker trailer for sale mostly shipped by bulk cargo ship or ro-ro ships. Also have some countries also choose ship by containers or flat rack. We will do spray wax on the petrol trailer.


6. Client visit and feedback for FUDENG oil tankers


7.FUDENG can produce tanker trailers for LPG gas, crude oil, asphalt, palm oil, CO2, sulphuric acid transport


Fudeng tanker trailers also supply milk tankers, water tanker trailer, tanker trailer, fuel trailers for sale, tanker trailers for sale, fuel tank trailer,water tank trailer for sale, stainless steel tanker for sale, fuel tanker trailer for sale, etc.

8. Guideline of buying FUDENG fuel tanker trailers from China

How can I get fuel tankers from FUDENG in my country?

1) We need to confirm the trailer specification then send you best quote, and we can confirm the payment, delivery time, order amount and production time together, after all confirmed I will send you the proforma invoice with our factory bank details.

2) If PI is ok, you can arrange 30% deposit to our factory bank account, and provide me the bank slip.

3) After received deposit, start arrange production. And will send you trailer pictures or videos during the production.

4) After finish production, we will inform you to pay 70% balance. When balance received start to arrange shipping. Then send original documents by DHL, And we will keep you updated estimated time of arrival.

9.Precautions of using fuel tanker trailers

How do I maintain my fuel tanker trailers?

In addition to normal inspection of the braking system and lubrication system, the tank truck semi-trailer should also pay attention to the following points:

Oil spills sometimes occur due to negligence of basic safety requirements for operations. With the rapid progress of technology, the inspection and calibration of oil handling equipment can be simplified to ensure the safety of transportation. Here’s a list of steps to take to prevent oil spills:

Firstly, When selling diesel trailer refuelling, it is recommended to strictly control the safe capacity and loading height of the tanker for sale to ensure no oil leakage or spatter occurs;

Secondly, Fill the oil drum with oil, be careful not to let the oil tank leak;

Thirdly, When loading and unloading oil, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be sucked out;

Fourthly, Used oil drums and bottom should be cleaned and drained;

The last but not least, During the cleaning of the tank trailer, residual oil should be removed from the bottom of the tank.