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1.About FUDENG Container trailer

FUDENG Container trailer is a type of trailer to use in transporting containers and bulk cargo. Usually use in ports, highway, shipping lanes, transport stations, multimodal transport, etc. Container transport trailer has 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 53ft or customized length. It can transport 20ft container, 40ft container, 45ft container and other bulk cargo like bags goods, bottles goods, log building materials, glass, etc.

1.1 How many tons a FUDENG Container trailer carry?

About tonnage FUDENG Container trailer, the standard Container trailer truck payload is 30-60tons. It’s specially designed for bad road conditions in Africa. More tonnages like 80tons, 100tons also is no problem. We will thickened main beam to achieve the load target.

1.2 Which type Shipping Container trailer can FUDENG provide?

FUDENG Container transport trailer can provide several models. Like 40ft Container trailer is popular type. Other type for example, 20ft Container trailer for sale, 45ft Container trailer, 53ft Container trailer. According to the number of axles, FUDENG shipping container trailer has 2axles Shipping container transport trailer, 3axles Cargo container trailer, 4axles Trailer truck container, etc with air bag suspension and mechanical suspension with leaf spring.

1.3 Can FUDENG Container trailer truck be customized?

FUDENG shipping container transport chassis trailer can be customized with customers’ demand. All of the container chassis trailers can be. For example, like length, payload, suspension, number of axles, model of tires, color etc.


2.Different type of FUDENG Container chassis trailer.

FUDENG Container transport trailer has two types, respectively Flatbed semi trailer and Skeletal container trailer. The different is the Flatbed trailer has a 3mm thicken pattern bottom than Skeleton trailer. And the Flatbed container trailer can transport both containers and bulk cargo, the Container chassis trailer only can transport containers. So the Flatbed cargo container trailer is more various function than Skeleton container trailer.

2.1 Flatbed container trailer

FUDENG flatbed container trailer has different types. 3axles 40ft flatbed trailer is popular, can transport one 40ft container or two 20ft containers or other bulk cargo. Other types like 2axles 20ft, 3axles 45ft etc can be provided, it can be customized with your demand. Also can customized with front board and stand column to satisfy different transport. FUDENG Steel flatbed trailer uses high tensile steel Q345B and welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes, it will make the best flatbed trailer very strong. In order to increase friction, make containers or bulk cargo more stable and safety, FUDENG Steel flatbed semi trailer is equipped with 3mm pattern frame floor. So as to more functions, Flatbed trailer for sale also can equipment with front board and stand column, so can transport barrel cargo and roll cargo like wood. This type of goods are not easy to transport, if there is not fixed, the goods will easy to fall off flatbed container trailer. When braking, cargo has a forward impact, the front board will protect safe during driving. Every 40 foot flatbed trailer has twelve twistlock, this type is easy to operate by one person. Usually 20ft flatbed trailer is equipped with eight twistlock, 45 ft flatbed trailers for sale has fourteen twistlock. For the purpose of customers use FUDENG flatbed container more convenient.

container-trailer (1)

2.2 Skeletal container trailer

FUDENG Skeletal container trailer has many specifications of different size, like 20ft shipping container trailer, 40ft container chassis for sale, 45 ft skeleton trailer for sale etc. 3axles 40ft skeleton semi trailer is popular, it can transport 20ft and 40ft containers. FUDENG Skeletal semi trailer main beam use high strength steel, the strength of high tensile is twice than that of manganese steel and three times than that of ordinary steel. So it’s strong and can use for too long time. And the mean beam thickness is specialized designed for different tonnage. About different length or payload skeleton trailers all can customized with different configurations.The frame is made of high-strength steel, which uses less material. The upper, lower and vertical panels can be made thinner and lighter. Under the premise of charging by weight and standard loading, the advantages are more obvious. Rear of FUDENG Skeleton semi trailer for sale has a pattern platform, this design is for like forklift truck work with skeletal trailer. When a skeleton trailer manufacturer produces a frame, it withstands the same strength. Regular 40ft container trailers are easy to use and affordable. However, you will need auxiliary equipment such as overhead cranes for loading and unloading containers from the chassis.


3.Basic specification of FUDENG Container semi trailer for sale

Dimension: 12.5m×2.5m×1.65m (Outside) Or customized

Payload: 30-80T

Tare weight: About 7.5T

Twist lock: 12 units THT Type or customized

Main beam: Q345B carbon steel “H” beam

Frame Floor: The thickness is 3mm pattern or customized

Axle: 2/3 axles, 13tons BPW / FUWA/FD brand or Optional

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28T lifting capacity Or Optional

King Pin: 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin

Suspension: Mechanical suspension Or Air suspension

Leaf Spring: 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer thicken type

Tire: 12R22.5, 13R22.5, 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5 optional

Accessories: One standard tool box

Color: Optional

Different drawings of different FUDENG shipping container trailer for sale.


4.Advantages of FUDENG Shipping container trailer

4.1 high tensile of high-strength main beam.

The mobile structure adopts international high-strength steel. it is light in weight, and can maintain anti-deformation, anti-seismic, anti-turbulence, and meet the needs of different road bearing capacity. FUDENG Container trailer truck is a lintel structure design, and the longitudinal beam is flatbed. The longitudinal beam adopts automatic submerged arc welding bead, and the frame beam adopts shot blasting treatment. The beams are welded together through the longitudinal. There are locks, rope tensioner, hooks and other components on the side of the platform, which can meet the needs of users to satisfy different cargo for transportation.


4.2 Heavy type mechanical suspension and leaf spring and air suspension.

FUDENG Shipping container trailer uses heavy type mechanical suspension and leaf spring. The model and quality of mechanical suspension and tires can obviously influence the use and serve life of a trailer. The mechanical suspension can connect the tires to the trailer body, and almost all the control of the tires and the trailer body is done by the brakes system. This type mechanical suspension biggest merits is low price and good security and simple maintenance. In the daily use, the model and quality of mechanical suspension affects operation response characteristics, driving stability, etc.

Also if you need air suspension, FUDENG Cargo container trailer also can provide to you. The significantly feature of air suspension is airbag spring, the weight of airbag suspension is light and the structure is small, so this type use life is more 2-3 years than mechanical suspension. Usually air suspension Container trailer transport precision instruments and equipment, transportation of chemicals, etc.


4.3 Anti-skid Pattern frame floor.

FUDENG Flatbed semi trailer for sale is equipped with 3mm thickened pattern frame floor, it will increase frictional force to make the goods on the platform more stable and safety. Certainly, pattern frame floor is beautiful.

4.4 Braking system with high safety factor

Braking chamber are metal containers with round shape, equipped on the axles, convert the compressed air into mechanical force to help the trailer stop. This is dual line pneumatic brake system, usually two air chambers are installed. They are T30/30+T30 air chamber, 3axles trailers install 4 T30/30 big chamber and 2 T30 small chamber. FUDENG trailer truck container has 40L air tanks and emergency relay valve. This design will make more safety during the driving.


5.How to make FUDENG Container chassis trailer more safe when packaging and shipping?

In order for the customer to receive the container semi trailer in best condition, FUDENG Shipping container semi trailer will spare wax and cover a tarp. Also will use rope fixation to make spare parts on the trailer more safety.

5.1 The methods to make container trailer keep away from seawater corrosion.

When shipping container trailers, FUDENG will spare wax on the container trailer truck. This method will make container trailer keep away from seawater corrosion. If your flatbed container trailer is on deck, will cover the container semi trailer with a tarp, reduce wind and sun exposure to the trailer, also can isolated sea water.


5.2 Different types of shipping way.

Bulk shipping. The advantage of bulk shipping is cheaper, but on deck, so need to spare wax and cover a tarp, avoid wind, sun and sea water erosion. Usually FUDENG flatbed container trailer sipping by this way, it’s affordable and cost-effective.

RO-RO shipping. The advantage of RO-RO shipping is safe, semi trailer is in the cabin, isolate from the outside world. Therefore, no matter how bad the external environment is, it will not cause damage to the trailer body.

Container shipping. Some times, this way is cheaper, can also can protect the trailer isolate from outside world. But there is a limit to the length of the trailer body, because the length of container is fixed. If transport 40ft length container trailers, need to do tail-cutting. When you received trailers, weld the tail and body on, this operate is easy.

Frame shipping. When there is no bulk shipping, usually is one choice. Sometimes, shipping with frame is affordable, like transport two units truck head. There have a same problem with container shipping , it is the length of frame is fixed.

5.3 How many days to receive your container trailer truck.

Our production is about 15-25 working days after 30% deposit received, Shipping time is about 30-40 working days. If you need your container semi trailer urgently, we will arrange for you to expedite expedited production, and will ship as soon as possible.

6.Customer visit factory and feedback

This is the pictures of our Africa customers visit our semi trailer factory. If you can come to China, or you have friends in China, welcome to visit our factory.

FUDENG Container chassis factory adopts a combination of automation and manual operations, this model can make increase the quality of semi trailer. The two complement each other, because good quality and competitive price, more and more customers in Africa choose FUDENG Semi trailer. As we all know, the road condition in Africa is so bad, but FUDENG cargo container trailer can get the work done well. They are so strong, the customers’ feedback is very good.


7.How will I conduct the transaction for FUDENG Container trailer for sale in my local?

1) Our sales manager need to confirm the trailer specification then send you best quote, and confirm the payment, delivery time, order amount and production time together, after all confirmed I will send you the proforma invoice with our factory bank details.

2)Second, If PI is ok, you can arrange 30% deposit to our factory bank account, and provide our sales manager the bank slip.

3)After received deposit, start arrange production. And will send you trailer pictures or videos during the production.

4)After finish production, our sales manager will inform you to pay 70% balance. When balance received start to arrange shipping. Then send original documents by DHL, And our sales manager will keep you updated estimated time of arrival.

8.How to maintenance FUDENG container semi trailer?

The most common maintenance work is painting, polishing, waxing for FUDENG Container semi trailer. The oxides on the semi-trailer are removed by grinding and other methods, and the body is restored to original.Or repaint it to prevent oxidation damage to the car paint from the outside world.The sealing glaze can make the trailer paint more solid, prevent the sand and gravel from damaging the car body and many small scratches, and can resist high temperature and sunlight exposure.After the surface treatment of the container chassis trailer body is completed, it can be painted. When painting, tires, lamps, rubber pads and other unnecessary parts need to be masked before painting. So FUDENG shipping container trailer is easy to maintenance, and our sales manager will help you to let you know the details.