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Side Tipping Trailer

1. About Fudeng Tipper Trailer

The Tipper Trailer is a special purpose vehicle with hydraulic cylinders. The purpose of automatic unloading can be achieved by raising the carriage. This semi-trailer is easy to unload, saves manpower and time, and is a very popular semi-trailer. Tipper trailer for sale is often used to transport building materials (sand, gravel, etc.), coal, ore and other bulk cargo.

Dump semi trailer is divided into two types according to different dumping methods. They are end dump trailer and side tipper trailer respectively.

The frame of the dumping trailer for sale is made of Mn17 wear-resistant high manganese steel. Semi-trailers made of this material are strong and wear-resistant.

Our factory has advanced manufacturing equipment. The overall strength of dump semi trailer for sale is high and the lifting force is strong. The carriage has the advantages of strong carrying capacity and not easily deformed.

Tipper Trailer For Sale

There are many types of Tipper trailer for sale. Such as 30 – 60 ton dump trailer, 60 – 80 ton dumper trailer, 80 – 120 ton dumping trailer, 120 – 180 ton multi-axle tipping semi trailer.

Accept customization. We can customize tipper trailers with a capacity of 20-180 cubic meters for you; and meet all your needs.

Our tipper trailers sell well in Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., such as Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Liberia, Senegal, etc.


1.1 Tipper Truck Capacity

Tipper Trailer can carry 20-180 tons, depending on your actual transportation needs.

Generally speaking, tri axle dump trailer for sale is divided into 20 cubic, 30 cubic and 45 cubic. The 20 cubic dumping trailer can carry 40 tons of cargo. The 30 cubic trailer dumper is capable of carrying 40-60 tons of cargo. 45 cubic dumps trailer can carry 60-100 tons of cargo…

The 5-axle, 4-axle heavy duty dump trailers have a carrying capacity of 100-120 tons.

If you need, our trailer factory can also customize multi-axle tipper trailer for you.

We have a professional team of engineers. They are very aware of the harsh road conditions in Africa. The tipper trailer will be designed according to your actual transportation needs.


1.2 Can The Tipper Trailer Be Customized?

Yes, dump trailer for sale is customized according to customer requirements. You can tell us your shipping needs and what kind of cargo you are shipping. We have tipper trailers for sale with different carrying capacities to meet your needs. For example, 34 ton side tipper, 20 ton dump trailer for sale, 32 ton side tipper, 20m³ tipper trailer for sale, 35 cubic meter tipper trailer, 45 cubic meter tipper trailer, etc.

Before you place your order, our factory engineer department will dump trailer blueprints to you to confirm the details.

2. Different Types of Dump Trailers for Sale

2.1 End dump trailer

The end tipper is a new type of tipper trailer that has emerged in recent years. It has a lower center of gravity, making it easier to dump cargo when unloading. There are two shapes of cargo boxes: U-shaped and rectangular. Foden end tipper trailer for sale center of gravity is only 1.3-1.4 meters. It is more stable than the general tipper trailer, and it is not easy to roll over.

The tri axle end dump trailer uses hydraulic cylinders from world famous brands. The material strength is different from that of ordinary oil cylinders, which is safer and more durable. One year warranty.

The rear side panel of the end dump trailer for sale is locked by a mechanism. When unloading, the lock hook and rear side panel are automatically opened to avoid jamming during unloading. Especially when loading and unloading stones, it will not hit the rear side plate, reducing the loss to the vehicle.

End dump trailer capacity: The maximum cargo capacity can reach 45 cubic meters (non-standard 65 cubic meters). The load capacity can reach 80T-100T, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

End Dump Trailer For Sale



2.2 Side Tipper Trailer

The difference between the Side Tipper Trailer and the End Dump Trailer: The End Dump Trailer has only one hydraulic cylinder and is mounted on the front end, which is the back of the tractor. Dump cargo to the back when unloading. The side tipper has multiple small hydraulic cylinders. These hydraulic cylinders are installed in the middle part of the chassis and are lined up in a “one”. Dump the cargo sideways when unloading.

The loading capacity of side tipping is much smaller than that of end dump trailer. Side dump trailer capacity: 20 – 60 ton.


Side Tipper Trailers For Sale

Its side panels can be opened to control the hydraulic press to dump cargo to one side. There are also side dump trailers with a double-sided structure that can be unloaded on both sides. The advantage of this is that it has better flexibility than a one-way side tipper. Not limited by site or other factors, making unloading more convenient.

The bottom of the side tipper trailer for sale is easily deformed due to the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder. as side tipper trailer manufacturers. We have improved the structure of the rollover dump semi-trailer to solve the disadvantage of easy deformation of the bottom. Manufacture the cargo box from higher quality, high-quality steel. You are assured of the high quality of the side tipper trailers for sale.

Side Tippers For Sale

Side dump trailers are used for a wide variety of purposes. In addition to transporting general steel, stones, coal and other bulk goods, it can also be used to transport containers. If you occasionally need to transport containers, you can ask us to customize drop side dump trailers with container locks. Its side walls will be removable. When you need to transport the container, the side walls can be removed, which turns into a fold down side dump trailer. Multi-purpose semi-trailers like this are growing in popularity in Africa.

The side tipper semi trailer is widely used and is one of the most popular dump semi trailers at the moment.

3. Dump Trailer Capacity, Specifications, Drawings

Our factory engineer department has professional dump semi trailer experience. Before starting production, the design drawings will be handed over to each customer to confirm the details. After the customer confirms that it is correct, the production will be arranged. Make sure tipper trailer for sale can meet customers’ transportation needs.

End Dump Trailer Dimensions, Capacity, Weight:
Size: 9600mm*2500mm*3700mm or customized


Cylinder: Hyva brand hydraulic cylinder

Bucket: 30 cubic meters or customized

Axles: 3 Axles, 4 Axles, 5 Axles

Payload: 40-100 tons or customized

Suspension: Heavy Duty Spring Suspension

Landing gear: JOST brand 28 tons

Tires: 12

Color: optional


Side Dump Trailer Specs:

Size: 12600mm*2700mm*2750mm or customized


Lifting system: 5+1 oil cylinder

Container lock: 12 units

Steel thickness: Bottom plate: 4mm Side plate: 3mm

Axles: 3 axles, 4 axles

Payload: 40-100 tons or customized

Suspension: Heavy Duty Spring Suspension

Landing gear: JOST brand 28 tons

Tires: 12

Color: optional


4. How Does The Tipper Trailer Work?

4.1 Lifting The Cargo Compartment

(1) Stop the vehicle and apply the handbrake. Depress the clutch pedal and wait about 5 seconds.

(2) Turn the neutral switch to the horizontal position.

(3) Press the power take-off rocker switch on the instrument panel.

(4) Shift the transmission to a low gear. The engine speed is controlled at 1000-1500 rpm.

(5) Lift the handle of the control valve to remove it from the limit groove and move it to the “up” position.

(6) Depress the accelerator pedal, slowly release the clutch pedal, and the cargo box can be lifted.

(7) When the cargo compartment of tipper trailers is raised to a high position, it will be automatically limited. Then place the operating valve handle in the “intermediate stop” position.

4.2 Stop Halfway Through Lifting

To stop the lift of the semi tipper cargo box during the lift, depress the clutch pedal. Or pull the control valve handle to the “intermediate stop” position, and the cargo compartment can stop.

4.3 Drop The Cargo Compartment And Start The Vehicle

(1) When the cargo box of the hydraulic tipper trailer has been lifted, the engine is still running. When the power take-off is engaged, the transmission is in a low-speed forward gear, and the control valve handle is in the “intermediate stop” position. Depress the clutch pedal and reset the rocker switch and neutral switch. Then pull the control valve handle to the “down” position, and the cargo compartment can be lowered. During the landing, if the control valve handle is moved to the “intermediate stop” position, the cargo box can be stopped during the landing. When the cargo box is in place, move the control valve handle back to the “intermediate stop” position. Then lift the clutch pedal and the semi trailer tipper can start the bike.

(2) When the engine is not running and the air pressure is about 0.8Mpa. The cargo compartment can also be lowered by placing the control valve handle in the “lower” position. Pull the control valve handle to the “intermediate stop” position, and the cargo compartment will stop. Before starting the engine and driving, please confirm that the control valve handle is in the “intermediate stop” position. The rocker switch is in the lower cocked position and the neutral switch is in the vertical position. Depress the clutch pedal and start the truck.


5. Tips For Tipper Trailers

(1) The hydraulic system of the tri axle tipper trailer should be kept intact, running smoothly, maneuvering flexibly, and there should be no jamming.

(2) When loading and unloading goods, obey the command, not to load and unload goods outside the designated place, and it is strictly forbidden to carry people on the cargo compartment.

(3) When loading and unloading with excavating machinery, the handbrake should be tightened after the tipper trailers are in place. When the excavator bucket must pass over the cab, no one should stay in the cab of the truck.

(4) When loading, care should be taken to make the cargo compartment evenly stressed to prevent overturning.

(5) Before unloading, it should be noted that there should be no obstacles on the top of the carriage, and there should be no people around. When unloading, the vehicle must be stopped.

(6) When the cargo compartment is about to rise to the top, the engine speed should be reduced to prevent the compartment from vibrating. It is forbidden to drive while unloading.

(7) When unloading materials to places with poor road conditions, keep an appropriate safety distance from potholes to prevent overturning.

(8) Do not load and unload goods on uneven, soft and inclined ground to prevent overturning.

(9) After unloading, the tipper trailer should be slightly away from the unloading position. After the carriage is reset in time, the dumping lever can be locked before driving away.

(10) When there is clay attached to the cargo compartment, it should be removed in time to prevent the car from overturning when the accumulated thickness is lifted. It is forbidden to shake the residual material with sudden braking.

(11) When it is necessary to lift the cargo box for maintenance, cleaning and lubrication, etc., support wood should be used to hold the cargo box firmly. It is forbidden to work with hydraulic locking alone.

(12) During non-jacking operations, the jacking lever should be placed in the neutral position, and the fixing pin of the carriage must be pulled out before jacking.

6. Tipping Semi Trailer Lifting Test

Our tipper semi trailers use high quality hydraulic cylinders. We have good Chinese brand and Hyva brand cylinders.

Our hydraulic cylinders come with power take-offs. If you buy with a tractor, we will add a power take-off directly to your truck and connect the truck and semi dump trailer together for a lift test. We will confirm that the truck and trailer are matched and working well.

If you have your own tractor now, we will put the power take-off in the semi tipper for sale cargo box, you can attach it to the truck yourself, and we will be there for you with technical support.

Side Dumper Trailers For Sale



7. Tipper Trailer Shipping Method

Semi dump trailers are usually transported by bulk ship or ro-ro, but can also be loaded by flatbed containers. We have several professional shipping companies that can provide good solutions to save costs.

Consider saving your ocean freight, we can also ship tipper trailer for sale in a 40ft container.

7.1 Will The Dump Semi Trailer Be Corroded By Sea Water During Shipping?

Before shipping, we spray wax on our side dump trailer for sale to prevent rust during transportation.


7.2 How Long Does It Take To Receive The Purchased Dump Trailer?

As a dump trailer manufacturer, we can guarantee you the delivery time. The production time is 20 working days after receiving your 30% deposit. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 30 days to arrive at central African ports such as Es Salaam and Mombasa, and about 45-50 days to West African ports in Ghana and Tema. If you want to know how long it will take to reach your port, we will communicate with the shipping company and inform you before shipment.


8. Client Visit And Feedback For FUDENG Dump Semi Trailer

Fudeng side tippers for sale are popular in Ghana, Uganda, Guinea, Tanzania, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Liberia and other African markets, and have won unanimous praise from customers.


9. How to Buy a Dump Trailer in China

First, you need to inform our sales of your detailed requirements, such as tri axle dump trailer, then our sales will give you good advice, then you can confirm the specifications and prices.

Second, we will send you a pro forma invoice with details and our bank account information, then you can pay the 30% deposit into our bank account.

Third, after receiving your deposit, we will start to produce your dump semi trailer. Before production, design drawings will be made and details confirmed with you.

Fourth, after the production is completed, we will send the pictures and videos of the tipper trailer to you to check, if everything is normal, you can pay the balance, and we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

Fifth, we will update the delivery progress and arrival time for you. And send the bill of lading documents to you in time, then you can prepare for customs clearance.