How to maintain Sinotruk truck chassis
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5 Important Points For Truck Maintenance

How to maintain Sinotruk truck chassis

Truck owners tend to focus on important parts such as engines, tires, and air filters for car maintenance, while ignoring the fact that they are solid and inconspicuous truck chassis.

How to maintain Sinotruk truck chassis

  1. Clean frequently to prevent rust

Before the daily maintenance, the truck chassis needs a thorough cleaning, and the anti-rust care can be carried out after the chassis is exposed to the original “natural color”. After cleaning the chassis, be sure to wait until the water is dry before performing anti-rust care. Evenly sprayed coating, forming a long-lasting uniform anti-rust coating. After all is completed, let it dry naturally for 5-10 minutes, and the anti-rust treatment of the chassis is completed.

  1. Be careful with alkaline cleaners

In order to keep the truck clean, many car enthusiasts often add some detergents when washing the car. Be careful not to use too much alkaline cleaning agent to wash the body and chassis, otherwise it will greatly affect the anti-rust effect and shorten the anti-rust time

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  1. Tire maintenance is closely related to the chassis

The truck chassis and the braking system are integrated, so the maintenance of the tires can also play a role in protecting the chassis. The running performance of the truck tires affects the traveling function of the truck. If the rotation system is too loose or too tight, it will inevitably cause damage to the chassis. Therefore, the editor recommends that the truck friends regularly go to the service station to test the tire tightness and make appropriate adjustments. Adjust and view to keep your tires in top condition.