What is the best dump trailer on the market?

dump trailer

What is the best dump trailer on the market?

What is the best dump trailer?

The best dump trailers for all the uses we need. Most dump trailers can meet general needs. If you have special needs, you can customize it with the FUDENG Trailer

FUDENG Dump trailer introduction

The structure of the engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of a general truck. The dump box can be tilted backwards or sideways. Rear dumpers are more common. Push the piston rod to tilt the box. Some two-way tips. High pressure oil enters the lift cylinder through the distribution valve and hydraulic hose.

And there is a safety protection panel at the front of the cabin. The hydraulic tilting system consists of oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve and hydraulic hose.

The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and power take-off. The movement of the piston rod is controlled by the control system, and the dump box can be stopped at any position. The dump box returns using its own gravity and hydraulics.

dump trailer

FUDENG Dump trailer loading

Dump trailer can load 50-120 tons.

The main technical parameter of the dump trailer is the payload, and the loading capacity is displayed. New or overhauled trailers must be put into trial operation to ensure a smooth lifting process.

The lubricating oil should be selected correctly and the lubrication cycle should be paid attention to, and the hoisting mechanism should be maintained strictly on schedule. Overloading is strictly prohibited. Dumping trailers saves unloading time and labor costs.

dump trailer

FUDENG Dump trailer advantage

1.Robust and payload optimized.

2. Especially suitable for short trips and frequent tipping.

3. Specially designed for abrasive bulk materials such as crushed stone, rock, concrete crushed stone and aggregate.

4. Optimized force transmission on the new chassis frame minimizes crack formation.

5. Custom blanks: Reinforce the tipper underbody in the rear third, where abrasive wear is higher.

6. Optional wear-resistant plate for longer service life.