3 axles tipping trailer ship to port

3 axles tipping trailer

3 Axles Tipping Truck Ship To Port

Our 3 axles tipping trailer is manufactured for an old customer in Africa. We have established cooperation with this customer four years ago, and he has purchased semi trailers from our company for many times. This time, he also purchased for his client, who was engaged in transportation business and needed 3 axles tipping trailer. Through communication with the client, our business manager finally determined the relevant configuration and provided drawings for the client. The client was very satisfied and bought 5 sets of 3 axles tipping trailer at one time.

3 axles tipping trailer

3 axles tipping trailer can be divided into two categories according to their uses: one is the heavy and super heavy dump trailers used for off-road transportation, which are mainly responsible for large-scale mining, engineering and other transportation tasks, and are usually used with excavators. The other kind of light and medium-sized ordinary 3 axles tipping trailer for road transportation mainly undertakes the transportation of loose goods such as sand, soil and coal, which is usually used together with the loader.

What are the features of 3 axles tipping trailer

Chassis adopts special chassis produced by various chassis manufacturers, with advanced technology and reliable performance. The advanced software optimizes the design of the products to meet the individual needs of customers. The process tooling of flow operation ensures the excellent quality of products.

  1. The use of rollover and rear compartment turn dump mode, which can effectively improve transport efficiency loaders transporting bulk goods scattered.
  2. stringer frame and carriage are welded by high quality manganese plate containers have two kinds.
  3. All have High strength, lifting power, stiffness, toughness, strong bearing capacity, no permanent deformation.
  4. can be designed according to different needs of customers, or tell us your different media cargoes, we come to you to design the corresponding models, to meet customer’s individual requirements.
  5. 3 axles tipping trailer adopt European design concept, U streamline body, beautiful shape, dynamic, higher appearance level.
  6. Comprehensive application of high strength steel and wear-resistant steel materials, combined with the finite element analysis, component test, all-weather road test and other multiple verification, frame and jacket joint weight reduction, to achieve the optimal combination of dead weight and volume.
  7. Frame:3 axles tipping trailer  the whole application of VICT 700L high strength steel, the middle of the cross beam, good torsional resistance;
  8. Carriage: 3 axles tipping trailer The application of ROCKY 450 super wear-resisting steel, the strength of 1300MPa, equivalent to Sweden Hardox450 wear-resisting steel, is the ordinary material carriage 3-5 times. Better impact resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, longer life cycle.
  9. Enlarged U-section carriage, lower center of gravity about 200mm, larger volume.
  10. Smooth inside without dead Angle, more clean, efficient and safe unloading.
  11. With Hyva, Binotto, VICT and other well-known brands of multi-level hydraulic cylinder: fast and stable lifting, more safe and reliable;
  12. Dual pneumatic braking system: the application of WABCO and other well-known imported braking system, reasonable arrangement, fast and safe braking, lower failure rate;
  13. Circuit system: 12-24V multi-voltage change, LED lamps, can match a variety of brands of tractor, driving safety is higher.

3 axles tipping trailer

Manufacturer  FUDENG

3 axles tipping trailer capacity  35cbm

Overall dimensions (mm)  10000*2500*3500 mm

Body dimensions (mm)  9265*2400*1380 mm

3 axles tipping trailer length  31 ft

Material  Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel

Axle  2,3 Axles, tandem axle,

Hydraulic system  HYVA hydraulic cylinder

Cylinder  175, 191, 202, 214 / 4TG, 5TG  Suspension

Mechanical suspension / Spring suspension

Kingpin  JOST 2″ or 3.5 detachable type

Landing gear  JOST 28T

Braking system  ABS or EBS (optional)

Material  5mm or 6mm high strength steel

Tire  12R 22.5 315/80 R22.5  Spare tire carrier  one set of the spare tire including a carrier

Accessories  One standard toolbox, one rocker handle, one Shaft wrench

Brake chambers  T30/30  High side end dump trailer parts

Electric system, brake system, axle, tire, suspension, latch, kit.