How much do you know about semi trailers in the fence?

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Fence semi-trailer is a specially designed semi-trailer used for transporting goods

The main features of a semi trailer in a fence include:

Closed design: The characteristic of the compartment semi-trailer is that it has a closed cargo compartment, which can provide better cargo protection and safety compared to ordinary flat semi-trailers. Therefore, it is suitable for situations where it is necessary to protect goods from external environmental influences or touch.

Multiple cargo loading methods: The cargo structure of a semi-trailer usually has flexibility and can adapt to different types and sizes of cargo. For example, hanging baskets, partitions, or fixing devices can be assembled as needed to ensure the stability and safety of goods during transportation.

fence trailer
fence trailer

Adjustable height: Fence semi-trailers typically have adjustable container heights that can be adjusted according to the size and requirements of the cargo. This enables it to adapt to goods of different heights and facilitate loading and unloading as well as docking with other transportation vehicles (such as containers).

Safety equipment: To ensure transportation safety, semi-trailers with storage barriers are usually equipped with various safety devices, such as safety locks, protective barriers, emergency braking, etc. These devices help prevent goods from sliding, overturning, or being damaged during transportation.

Multi functional transportation: fence semi-trailer is suitable for transporting various types of goods, such as fast-moving consumer goods, electronic products, furniture, food, etc. They are widely used in the logistics and freight industry, providing efficient and safe modes of cargo transportation.