HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

The hot summer is here, drivers and friends and cars are facing great challenges, HOWO trucks maintenance is especially important, so what are the must-do maintenance in summer?

HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

Regularly clean the oil pipeline of HOWO trucks

The working pressure of the oil pump must be checked regularly in the summer maintenance. At the same time, the cleaning of the fuel filter, fuel tank and oil pipeline must also be done.

If you encounter gas obstruction, be sure to stop and cool down, open the carburetor inlet pipe connector, and trigger the fuel pump hand crank arm to let the fuel fill the fuel line and achieve normal fuel supply. In order to prevent the occurrence of air block, we can also install heat insulation pads between the cylinder and fuel pump to reduce the heat transferred from the engine to the fuel pump.

Pay attention to the water temperature gauge

Once the temperature is found to be too high, make sure to lift the hood of HOWO trucks for ventilation and heat dissipation, and then check whether the engine cooling system is short of water after the temperature has dropped.

When the coolant boils due to engine overheating or lack of water, be sure to stop the car, let the engine idle, wait until it cools down, then turn off the engine and open the radiator cover with a glove pad to avoid burns.

HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

Be aware of the temperature of HOWO trucks tires

In summer when the road temperature is high, you can shorten the operation time appropriately. It is better to let your HOWO trucks rest every 2 hours and check the tire temperature. If you find that the tire pressure rises because the tire is too hot, try to park the car in the shade and let the tire cool down naturally.Note that you should not lower the tire pressure or pour cold water on the tires at will to avoid tire deformation or blowout!

Check whether the wipers are aging

Summer rain, wipers are particularly important, but before using must carefully check the wiper “health” status, after a winter, the wiper rubber strip is likely to aging, and aging wipers are unable to properly clean the windshield rain. In the inspection, once found that the wiper can not completely clean the rain, must be replaced in time, so as not to delay the normal transport.

HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

Pay attention to the car paint maintenance

Rainwater has a corrosive effect on vehicle paint and car leather goods, which will cause damage to your HOWO truck after a long time. Therefore, you must clean your vehicle after the rain to avoid rusting on the lower side of the vehicle.

Change new engine oil

Motor oil can play the role of lubrication and wear reduction, auxiliary cooling and temperature reduction, sealing and leakage prevention, rust and corrosion prevention, shock absorption and buffering for the engine.The temperature difference between summer and winter is big, so you must replace the oil for HOWO trucks with low viscosity oil which is more suitable for summer use, in order to facilitate the good operation of the engine.

HOWO Truck 7 Considerations For Driving In Summer

Proper driving on long downhill slopes

Long downhill is a road condition that drivers often encounter. Before driving HOWO truck downhill, make sure to reduce the speed in advance, if it is not equipped with hydraulic retarder, then make sure to use low gears to drive, use the engine torque and exhaust brake assist system to go downhill slowly, and minimize the use of foot brake. If you use your foot to brake for a long time on long downhill roads, it is likely to cause the brake pads and brake drums to overheat and catch fire.