howo tank truck


HOWO tank truck is also known as mobile tanker, computer tax control tanker, tank car, loading tanker, tanker, tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, oil tanker, mainly used as oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar and other oil products) transportation and storage. According to the different use and use of the environment has a variety of oil or oil transport functions, with oil suction, pump oil, a variety of oil packaging, distribution and other functions.

HOWO tank truck special function description

HOWO tank truck material: carbon steel, stainless steel, according to the need can also use aluminum alloy, pure aluminum cans, lined rubber, rolling plastic cans, plastic cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic cans.

HOWO tank truck type: fangyuan type, oval type, round type

HOWO tank truck Oil pump: self-priming pump, gear pump, chemical pump, stainless steel pump, centrifugal pump, heavy oil pump. Oil meter: single count, double count, tax control tanker.

HOWO tank truck breathing valve:
In order to ensure that the tanker is working in the process, the tank pressure and atmospheric pressure is basically the same, in the tank cover is installed on the breathing valve, when the tank oil heated expansion or when the oil pump to the tank refueling, the tank oil surface rises, the pressure increases, when the tank pressure is higher than the external pressure 8KPA, the valve plate on the breathing valve open; When the oil pump is discharged outward or the oil is contracted by cold, the oil surface drops and the pressure is reduced. When the pressure in the tank is lower than the external pressure of 3KPA, the valve plate under the breathing valve is opened.

HOWO tank truck Function: it can be divided into different oil products, chemical products and food independently. Design can realize pumping, pumping out of the table, pump into, pump out of the table, since the flow table, but the table and other functions.

howo tank truck

Structure of HOWO tank truck

The HOWO tank truck is composed of special vehicle chassis and upper part, upper part is composed of tank body, force retractor, drive shaft, gear pump, pipe network system and other components. The pipe network system consists of oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter screen and pipeline.
The oil tank structure is elliptic cylindrical or trapezoidal surface column shape, made of high quality steel plate, the whole HOWO tank truck is divided into single or multi warehouse, warehouse can be divided into rooms, the lower end of the middle clapboard has a through-hole, each warehouse is welded into a warehouse or multi warehouse, warehouse can be divided into rooms, the lower end of the middle clapboard has a through-hole, each warehouse is welded into a warehouse strengthened wave clapboard, To reduce the impact of oil in the tank when the car sucking and improve the stiffness of the tank.

HOWO tank truck fire hood

HOWO tank truck flameproof enclosure (also known as motor vehicle exhaust spark arrester, the car’s exhaust flameproof enclosure, spark arrester, arrester, flameproof enclosure, fire prevention cap of Mars, automotive flameproof enclosure, flame arrester, auto fire hat, fire prevention cap) is a kind of installed in motor vehicle exhaust pipe, allow the exhaust flow, and prevent the exhaust flow within the flame and Mars jet fire prevention, fire safety devices. It is an important safety and fire protection product for national key fire prevention units and all transport vehicles in inflammable and explosive areas. Applicable to inflammable and explosive key fire prevention units and warehouse goods yard, oil field, forest area, coal mine, petrochemical liquefied gas plant, paper mill, airport and other fire forbidden areas. The installation of the product is very convenient and fast, only need to match the caliber of the specifications of the product with a clamp on the open end of the corresponding motor vehicle exhaust pipe, and then tighten the clamp on both sides of the nut can be.

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