why heil fuel trailers are cylindrical in shape

heil fuel trailers

Why Heil Fuel Trailers Are Cylindrical In Shape

1.Can reduce the pressure of the dispersion liquid on the heil fuel trailers wall.

In the same volume, the same strength, the oval design (compared to the square shape) can reduce the wall thickness and reduce the material. At the same time, it also improves the driving balance ability. If it is a square shape, there is no way to drain the low oil, and the oil will have a great impact on the wall when driving. At the same time, it is easy to clean, if it is made into a round shape? The balance of the fuel tanker trailer will be greatly weakened (you can use the physical force to explain when the car is turning).

The size of the container must match the car, although the larger the heil fuel trailers land area, the lower the oil tanker trailer height, and the degree of balance The higher the ellipse, the longer the major axis of the ellipse and the shorter the minor axis, the more helpful it is to the balance of the heil fuel trailers. However, considering the volume of the heil fuel trailers and the maximum oil capacity, it cannot be made into a circle.

2.prevent oil tanker trailer static electricity, cause fire

This shape prevents a build up of charge at the tip causing a spark discharge as static electricity builds up. FUDENG put two fire extinguishers on the oil tanekr semi trailer when the fuel tanker semi trailer is producted, so as to ensure the safety of the heil fuel trailers and its drivers.

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3.ensure the fuel tanker trailer uniform force

In order to make it easy to drive the fuel tanker trailer when walking or turning, the liquid inside is flowing, so that the force of the liquid hitting the fuel tanker trailer body is more uniform. If it is square, it is easy to turn over or slip

4.To ensure the safety of Petrol tanker trailer transport process

Oil belongs to the items of no fixed shape, and shape may change at any time during the transit (mainly the shaking will have deformation), so all the goods in transit will not only create pressure on the bottom and at the same time can produce pressure on Petrol tanker trailer side wall, especially transportation density larger liquid on the Petrol tanker trailer wall pressure will be very big.

In daily life, we should feel that the transportation of soil or construction slag is the use of general vehicles, but the transportation of cement and concrete is the use of tank vehicles, because the same volume of cement or concrete will be larger than the density of soil or construction slag, the pressure on the side wall will be larger than the soil or construction slag.

We all know that egg shells are very thin, but most people can’t break them. That’s because curved shells can withstand more pressure than other shapes.

In the process of liquid transportation, the liquid is equivalent to the hand holding the egg for the car wall, and the car wall is equivalent to the egg shell. Then thePetrol tanker trailer can transport the same volume and density of the liquid, without causing damage to the heil fuel trailers body, and ensure the safety of transportation.

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Heil Fuel Trailers Wave Board

heil fuel trailers wave board, also known as: heil fuel trailers wave board, it is an important part in the design of liquid tank truck trailer. Whether it is heil fuel trailers, or sprinkler, or chemical liquid transport tanker trailers, its internal are provided with anti-wave board.

main role of heil fuel trailers wave board

the main role of heil fuel trailers wave board is to reduce the fluctuation and impact of the liquid inside the oil tanker trailer, improve the stability of oil tanker trailer driving. When the tank truck shipping medium viscosity is small, and the amount of filling in 20% ~ 80% of the total, the heil fuel trailers must be installed inside the anti-wave board.

In order to have a good anti-wave effect, it is generally recommended that the volume between two anti-wave plates is not more than 7.5m3, or the spacing is not more than 1750mm, the effective area of the anti-wave plate should be greater than 40% of the cross-sectional area of the fuel tanker trailer, and the ventilation area of the upper anti-wave plate is less than 20% of the cross-sectional area of the tank.

fuel tanker trailer wave board in the design

fuel tanker trailer wave board in the design, should also consider the convenience of operation or maintenance personnel through. The baffle can be welded directly to the inside of the tanker truck trailer, or it can be disassembled.FUDENG tank truck trailer is fixed with a welded wave board. At the same time, the Petrol tanker trailer compartment board and anti wave board, can also be regarded as the tank strengthening parts, when the anti-wave board as strengthening parts, its thickness should not be in the prtwall thickness, the effective area of the anti wave board is at least 70% of the cross sectional area of the Petrol tanker trailer.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoS7YQabOdo

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