2 axles 40ft skeleton chassis trailer

skeleton chassis trailer

2 Axles 40 Ft Skeleton Chassis Trailer

FUDENG 2 axles 40ft skeleton chassis trailer for sale

The 2 axles 40ft skeleton chassis trailer is mainly used for multi-modal transport logistics system supporting ships, ports, airlines, highways, transfer stations, Bridges, tunnels and so on. Designed for all kinds of container transportation, customers can choose according to their own needs to change how many locks may, all the accessories 20 years experience in the use of supplier selection, repeated use for a long time, have enough strength container chassis semi-trailer rapid loading and unloading, and can be directly and easily from one car to another car modification.

The 2 axlesl 40ft skeleton chassis  trailer is a container transport semi-trailer frame, and the other is a flat plate type.
The 2 axlesl 40ft skeleton chassis  trailer is welded from the longerings, crossbeams and front and rear end beams. The longitudinal beam is made of 16Mn steel plate submerged arc welding into I-shape (the main size is 450,500), and the beam is made of steel plate stamping into grooves.
The end beam is a welded rectangular section. An integral long beam is installed on the locking device in the middle of the container to improve the bearing capacity of the locking device.
The flatbed differs from the 2 axlesl 40ft skeleton chassis  trailer in that the flatbed has an extra frame and a patterned floor. The frame of the wooden container transport semi trailer has been shot peening. The whole frame is assembled and welded on a special positioning table. Reasonable structure, high strength, beautiful appearance.

skeleton chassis trailer

Container compacting device is mounted on the frame, which can load two standard 40ft and 20ft containers. The front and rear end four container contraction device is a fixed structure, the middle container contraction device is a concealed structure.

When loading, the intermediate container locking device can be lowered below the level of the cargo hold as required. Its function is to support the ground and carry the front load of the 2 axlesl 40ft skeleton chassis  trailer when the tractor is detached from the trailer.

The support device has two kinds of single action type and linkage type, which is mainly composed of support plate, screw transmission mechanism, reduction box and control lever. There are three kinds of suspension devices: uniaxial suspension, biaxial suspension and triaxial suspension.

The semi-trailer is equipped with two spare tire racks, respectively installed on the left and right sides of the trailer rack, and equipped with spare tire spreader.

2 axlesl 40ft skeleton chassis  trailer in Dominica

skeleton chassis trailer

Transport: 20/40ft containers

Axles:2 axles

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tire:8 units

King pin:90#

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO